Consequences of Vatican II
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The New Church Has No “Aura”

Lyle J. Arnold, Jr.

In response to a challenge to prove that human beings have souls, a gynecologist named Dr. Bryon Butler went on record (to Superior Court Judge Robert Myer, in Phoenix, Arizona), that he has observed an "aura" surrounding the living, but it departs at death. Some people have the ability to see this "aura" and some don't, the doctor testified. However, with the use of a Kilner Screen, "anyone can see it."
"Indeed, with this Kilner Screen, scientists watch the `aura' change color. Such observation is an accepted medical procedure in detecting certain diseases which tend to cause the `aura' to change color. Now — as the person dies this visible `aura' fades, becomes dim, and, at the point of death disappears... Ethically, a medical man cannot use the word ‘soul,' but (Dr. Butler stated) that this aura does fit the theological description of a soul " (1).
The sanctity of the Cathedral of Salamanca

Catholics discern the sanctity of the Church in her buildings. Above, the Cathedral of Salamanca
In the ‘60s I was a law enforcement officer in California. One morning at 8 a.m., after working the ‘dog watch,’ I stopped off to make a visit at our parish church. If my memory serves me correctly, it was either an especially violent or bloody shift, and I needed spiritual consolation. My children were across the street at the parish school, being taught by habited nuns from a Portuguese teaching Order. I had missed the last daily Mass but went in and kneeled at the altar rail in front of a statute of Our Lady. Two items converged to make my calm return. One was that my children were in good hands, the other was from that spiritual calm that comes from being in an ambience that used to be in all Catholic churches. In fifteen minutes I was ready to go home to bed.

This parish was on a fairly long leash from the chancery office in San Francisco, and the priests there retained the Mass of Trent. From one day to the next, however, a progressivist Jesuit was appointed pastor. He fired the nuns en masse and replaced them with mini-skirted lay teachers. Then, forthwith, he forbade the Mass, and began all the changes that agitate rather than calm. I had to complete my years in law enforcement without the luxury of what is above related. As Dr. Butler stated, some can see the "aura" of a soul without the help of science. In commenting on his worry about changing the Mass, Pius XII once lamented that if this is done, "Christians will search in vain for the tabernacle lamp where God awaits them" (2).

I believe that true Catholics can detect the "aura" of Catholicism. If this is so, and I may be admitted among them, then I can testify that I have only "seen" it from time to time in those Catholic oases that exist here and there, amid the burning and lifeless deserts of New Church, and the jungles created by post-conciliar Progressivism, which steam with the ravished glories of the Catholic Church.
1. Paul Harvey, Photographs of the Soul, (San Francisco radio station KG0). This article appeared in a central California newspaper in the 1960's, the date of which was not clipped out.
2. Msgr. Roche, Pie XII devant L'Histoire, March 1953.

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 21, 2007

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