Consequences of Vatican II
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The Trilogy: Blood, Temptation
and the Kiss of Betrayal

Lyle J. Arnold, Jr.

The kiss of Judas

Immediately after Our Lord sweat blood in the Garden of Olives, he found his disciples sleeping and admonished them to pray, that they would not fall into temptation. The next moment Judas kissed Him in betrayal (Luke 22: 44-48). This trilogy – blood, temptation and betrayal – is still with us after two thousand years.

The kiss of John Paul II

I quote from an article by Jonathan Tuttle:
"Several years ago, there was a Catholic family of seven brought before the ruling Islamic authorities in Sudan. Their crime: the practice of the Catholic Faith. They were ordered to convert to Islam or be executed. They refused and were executed one by one. Upon orders to convert, each martyr began reciting the Apostles Creed and was shot. The father went first, followed by each of his children, each following the same pattern. Ordered to convert, they simply began to say the Apostle's Creed and were shot for their ‘crime’ against the Islamic State.

Bishop John Paul II kissing the Koran

Bishop John Paul II kisses the Koran;
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“After all the family members except the mother and the youngest child were killed, it was the youngest child's turn to convert or die. The little child started crying. Her mother assured her that everything was all right; they would soon be in Heaven. The child told her mother that she wasn't crying because she was scared; she was crying because she couldn't remember the Apostle's Creed. Her mother told her that it was okay, she could say a `Hail Mary' instead. Her reward for her prayer to the Mother of God was execution. The mother was punished by being allowed to live and contemplate her actions for the rest of her life. (1)

“Half a world away, (John Paul II) was kissing the Koran, referring to Moslems as `our brothers in the one, true God.’”

(1) "Mr. Tuttle responds to Fr. Brian Harrison," The Remnant, July 31, 2001 p. 1.
Truly this kiss, by the Supreme Pontiff at the Vatican in May 1999, betrayed Our Lord and the Church He founded.

The kiss of Benedict XVI

In Turkey on November 30th, 2006, Pope Benedict XVI entered the Blue Mosque, barefoot, and turned to Mecca with the Muslim muftis in prayer. By this act a spiritual kiss of betrayal was given to the same Lord as Judas and JPII after him.

Benedict prays alongside Muslims in a mosque

Benedict XVI prays with Muslims in a mosque;
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Real Blood spilled from Our Savior's body in the garden while his disciples slept, followed by the kiss of betrayal and the Crucifixion, with a small remnant being with Our Lord as He suffered. Real blood spilled from the martyred bodies of the Catholic family in Sudan while in betrayal the Pope kissed the Koran.

The Vatican II people of God were apparently enjoying their sleep after the betrayal, and only a remnant reacted with vigor to the suffering Church. When Benedict XVI performed his spiritual kiss at the mosque, everyone was awake. The people of God have become so comfortable with the New Church that their hearts no longer beat with outrage, and the word "betrayal" is no longer part of their repertory. But there was a time when the Church Militant fought its enemies.

Count Roland, who fought the Moslems with his band of heroes (instead of joining them), spilled his own blood.
"The Count Roland with pain and anguish winds
His Olifant, and blows with all his might.
Blood from his mouth comes spurting scarlet-bright
He's burst the veins of his temples outright.
From hand and horn the call goes shrilling high;
King Charles hears it who through the passes rides,
Duke Naimon hears, and all the French besides,
Quoth Charles: `I hear the horn of Roland's cry!
He'd never sound it but in the thick of fight" (The Song of Roland).
The remnant is called to fight

Roland sounding his olifant

Roland sounding his olifant
We of the remnant are in the thick of fight, and shed our spiritual blood, lest we fall into temptation.

Today even secular America wages war against the followers of Mahomet, while Popes and the Vatican II people of God seem to ruminate as they kiss the bloody hands of the enemy.

With pains of anguish the winds of the remnant's Olifant are calling others to the fight.

Hear us oh thee of the Mystical Body, you can resuscitate the Church Militant by seeing the enemy within! Rush to our aid as did King Charles and Duke Naimon and all the French. Don't let the Conciliar Church crush the remnant as happened at the Vendée. Hear the call and join us of the new army of Vendée. The ‘constitutional’ priests of the Conciliar Church have sworn an oath to Vatican II, a re-run of those swearing an oath to the 18th century Revolutionary Constitution of France that sought to destroy the Church and Christian Civilization.

Resist to the face this betrayal of the Faith and ask without fear, "Quo, Vadis, Petre?"


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 26, 2007

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