Consequences of Vatican II
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The Progressivist Revolution Faces an Impasse

Manoel Ricardo Fiuza, Brazil
It is well known in Catholic circles that, after celebrating Mass, Leo XIII had a vision in which he became aware that Satan would be released from the hellish depths in the 20th century and would lead the battle for the destruction of the Church. To avoid such a malefic influence he composed the prayers that were said daily after Mass until the Second Vatican Council. They were known as the Leonine prayers.

Given that Lucifer’s intent is to completely destroy the Church, one can ask: What happened in the 20th century that caused an extreme harm to the Church and could be the work of the Devil predicted by Leo XIII?

The answer is obvious: It was the Second Vatican Council. By their fruits you shall know them. ... A good tree can not bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.

Paul VI

A grotesque statue of Paul VI, symbolic of Vatican II

These testimonies confirm it:

Paul VI: In his statement about the calamities of the post-conciliar Church, affirms that he had a sense that "from some fissure the smoke of Satan has entered the temple of God." He continues, “How did this happen? The Pope entrusts one of his thoughts to those present: that there has been an intervention of an adverse power. His name is the Devil, this mysterious being that the Epistle of St. Peter also alludes to." (Homily of June 29, 1972, Solemnity of SS. Peter and Paul)

John Paul II: "It is necessary to admit realistically and with deep and heartfelt emotion that Christians today, in large measure, feel lost, confused, perplexed and even disappointed. Ideas opposed to the revealed Truth that has always been taught were disseminated in abundance; heresies, in the full and proper sense of the word, have been disseminated in the dogmatic and moral fields, creating doubts, confusions and rebellions. The liturgy has been tampered with.” (L’Osservatore Romano, February 7, 1981)

Cardinal Ratzinger, later Benedict XVI: "The results that followed the Council seem cruelly opposed to the expectations of all ... What the Popes and the Council Fathers were expecting was a new Catholic unity, and instead one has encountered a division which - to use the words of Paul VI - seems to have passed over from self-criticism to self-destruction." (The Ratzinger Report, pp. 29-30)

Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira: "It is painful to say this, but, the evidence singles out the Second Vatican Council as one of the greatest calamities, if not the greatest, in the History of the Church. From the Council on, the ‘smoke of Satan’ penetrated the Church in unbelievable proportions. And this smoke is spreading day by day, with the terrible force of expanding gases.” ...

Further on, he asks: “When, however, has History witnessed an attempted demolition of the Church like the present one? No longer undertaken by an adversary, it was termed a ‘self-destruction’ in a most lofty pronouncement having worldwide repercussions.” (Revolution and Counter-Revolution)

Clash between the Catholic and the Conciliar Churches

This is what is happening now. Vatican II and its application constitute a process of unperceived ideological transshipment for the faithful, meticulously executed by the Ecclesiastical Structure, following the methodology of revolutionary psychological warfare. But, as the disastrous effects of the Council have materialized, they have caused surprises, raised perplexities and awakened reactions.

A noteworthy phenomenon is that the reactions occur mainly in the laity. The shepherds, with rare and timid exceptions, are highly committed to the Council, as if they were just one man. They endeavor to operate this transshipment in the unanimity of the faithful or in their overwhelming majority.

rock priest

Continuity with the past? Rock priests and clowns are common sights in the Conciliar Church

parish of hartberg germany

But, mirabile dicto [O, admirable thing !], the more this transshipment advances, the greater the discontent, discomfort and malaise grows in the Catholic hosts. They experience a mounting frustration. which raises warm memories over all that was thrown out and trampled.

Parallel to this, a question, which was often disregarded as if it were a temptation of the evil one, is being increasingly asked. This is the question: Is the post-conciliar Church the same Catholic Church of always?

Such doubt has grown so much in minds that it caused Benedict XVI to develop his thesis on the hermeneutics of continuity in an attempt to prove that the Catholic Church and the Conciliar Church are the same. An effort that has hardly convinced very many Catholics... In fact, the very need to demonstrate the continuity of Vatican II with Tradition is a symptom that people do not think it so. This is the crux of the question. If there is no continuity, would the Conciliar Church be a different institution? How can this mess be explained?

The answer is that today we have two distinct realities living under the appearance of a single Church. Progressivist elements successfully infiltrated in the Church and became increasingly bold. Gradually they took over the most important positions and now use the authority of the Church to impose their progressivist dictates. Their domain has become so complete that in this Ecclesiastical Structure it is currently difficult to recognize a Prelate who is not a direct supporter of Progressivism or a docile subordinate who follows its orders.

A parasite that lives from a plant, a cancer that erodes a healthy body, a fire that consumes a once verdant forest. These metaphors, which express a great part of the present day reality, are deficient, however, in a central point. They refer to the ruin of the plant, the death of the patient or the complete destruction of the forest. This consequence does not apply to the Church, because she is immortal. Her foundation is set on the divine promise: "I am with you all days even to the consummation of the ages."

How can one harmonize the appearance of a Church that is being led to her death by her enemies with the promise of her immortality? The two perspectives do not match; they are contradictory.

But, given that we live of Faith, we know that the Church will not die. We do know a divine intervention will happen to prevent her apparently inevitable destruction, but when and how it will happen. What is required of us is a Faith that overcomes all appearances to the contrary. This act of faith is what Our Lord and Our Lady are asking of us.

Against all appearances, God will change the course of events, extinguish this nefarious progressivist infiltration, defeat the external enemies and lead the Holy Church to a new stage of splendor and holiness.

It will be a divine intervention of apocalyptic proportions.

We pray that it will come soon and thus bring the full restoration of the Catholic Church. We pray that we are prepared for it as well.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 30, 2014
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