Consequences of Vatican II
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Prostituting God’s Plan

Lyle J. Arnold, Jr.
Whether in reference to the Bible, tradition, the Magisterium or any other source, a recurrent theme that one encounters on the subject of God is unity. God, the Blessed Trinity, is one. The Angelic regime was one. Adam and Eve's will was one with God's. The Church is one.

St Michael fighting Satan

St. Michael and the good Angels combat Satan and his cohorts to keep the unity of God's plan

In all these cases, with the exception of God Himself, a division occurred that made war against God's design. Lucifer, the "bearer of light", the "morning star," rebelled. Adam and Eve sinned and this Original Sin must be borne by all of mankind.

As for the Church, from the beginning, Satan sought to divide her with heresy after heresy, from the various Gnostic sects to the Great Schism that divided the East and the West in the 11th century over the single word Filioque. In the 16th century the Devil made another breakthrough with Luther, Calvin and Zwingli, which has generated thousands of false denominations in the United States alone.

Unity in the temporal sphere – the Catholic nations united under a Holy Roman German Emperor and subject to the Pope – was also God’s plan for mankind to best achieve His glory and man's salvation.

One can deduce from this that to break unity, then, is the perennial target of Satan. Satan is, so to speak, the antithesis of unity. Indeed, Satan lives as an eternal contradiction: On the one hand, he wants to be everything, to be adored as a god. On the other, he wants to be nothing because, no matter what he does, eternally he must pay his debt to God for his revolt. So his war against the unity is a never-ending war, because there is no unity in him.

Vatican II: A successful attack on unity

Who knows better than Satan the imperative Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus, Outside the Church, no salvation? What, therefore, would arise in the frenzied mind of Satan than to turn God's plan of unity – that all should return to the one true Church – to his own diabolical purpose?

His plan was set in place at Vatican II with a new doctrine on unity. As Atila Guimarães points out in his work Animus Delendi II, conciliar ecumenism aims to:
  • Relativize the Faith;

  • Deny the sanctity and oneness of the Catholic Church;

  • Make possible the union of men despite their religious professions,

  • Create a pacifist climate of dialogue among the different creeds, which implies a denial of the defense of the Catholic Faith. (1)
Paul VI Holy Land

In a symbolic act Paul VI embraces the schismatic Athenagoras in the Holy Land

The ceaseless ecumenical propaganda instigated by Paul VI after the Council pretended to aim for the unity of all creeds, which in practice is heading steadily toward a Pan-religion.

The symbolic event that gave birth to this ecumenism was the kiss exchanged between Paul VI and the schismatic patriarch Athenagoras in the Garden of Olives on January 5, 1964.

“Was it by chance,” Guimarães asks, “that the place chosen for this exchange was the same site where Judas, also with a kiss, delivered the Son of God to His enemies?” (2)

Do we not see the perfidious machinations of Satan in this act?

A prostituted unity

John Paul II continued down this path with the insidious pan-religious encounters at Assisi, along with repeated inter-religious meetings, public apologies for the Church's past missionary work and endless ecumenical gestures.

Benedict XVI increased the speed of conciliar ecumenism by praying in mosques, visiting synagogues, praising Luther, and signing Common Declarations with Anglican Rowan Williams and Schismatic patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople (both in 2006).

When Benedict resigned, he handed the ecumenical baton to Francis I. It was as if he said – I paraphrase the same author in his article on that shameful resignation – “I know that I should have gone further with this, but I could not do everything. Now you can go forward and do it with my full support. I will be cheering you on in the background."

francis I lunch with rabbis

Francis hosts a kosher lunch for 15 rabbis; below, he sends a video to a Protestant asking his blessing

francis I video protestants

As we have seen, Francis has been accelerating hard, moving up the pace in every phase of destruction of the Church and the Papacy. “For me, ecumenism is a priority,” he told Italian newspaper La Stampa in his December 2013 interview. (3) One day after assuming the See of Peter, Francis met with a dozen Jewish leaders at the Vatican. In January 2014 he hosted a kosher lunch for 15 Jewish leaders from Argentina at Casa Santa Marta.

Francis never loses an opportunity to put into practice the “ecumenical dimension” of the “new evangelization” heralded by Benedict XVI. He even went so far as to send a seven-minute video to a “prosperity gospel” televangelist, asking the Protestant for his “blessing.” (4)

In a passage from his book Revolution and Counter-Revolution, Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira illustrates that the revolutionary process is handed over like a baton in a race where one runner passes it on to the next, and so on, to maintain the continuity unless the course reaches its end:

“The Revolution has been produced through the thousands of vicissitudes of whole centuries, filled with unforeseen events of every order. To produce a process that is so consistent and so continuous as that of the Revolution across such a huge and uncertain time span seems to us to be an impossibility without the action of successive generations of conspirators of an extraordinary intelligence and power. To think that the Revolution could have reached its present state without this is like admitting that hundreds of letters thrown out a window could arrange themselves spontaneously on the ground to form some work, such as the Ode to Satan by Carducci, for example." (5)

So it is with the leadership that gives the unity to the Revolution. So it is with the unity of Progressivism promoted by the string of Popes pushing the ecumenism of Vatican II.

This conciliar ecumenism is the opposite of God’s will regarding unity. The unity desired by Him must be under the aegis of the Catholic Faith. All must profess the one Faith left by Him for mankind and duly preserved by Holy Mother Church - until the Church was taken over by Progressivism. The unity promoted by the conciliar Popes is not the true unity, but rather the prostitution of God’s plan for mankind.

May Our Lady of Prompt Succor give us of the Counter-Revolution the means to pass on the baton of our love and dedication to her Cause and the installation of Her Reign.

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Posted April 9, 2014
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