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Communitarianism Shaping a New U.S.

Trudi Lawrence

Communitarianism is a new form of American government that has not been made public and probably never will be. It privileges the community’s rights over and against the individual’s rights and freedom, making, the latter be modeled by the former. It also privileges the international over the national community. Nonetheless, Communitarianism has an agenda established by individuals acting outside these communities. That is, they form an oligarchy that dictates what the community must do.

Keep in mind that we are not at the beginning of the communitarian process of replacing our Constitution and Bill of Rights with International Law. Much of it has already been done and legally rubber-stamped, outside of media view. Here are some examples:

Protest CAFTA

Despite protests, the President signed CAFTA in 2005, handing over a piece of our sovereignty

President Bush signs CAFTA
• In 2005 the U.S. Congress adopted CAFTA , which places the American people squarely in a Communitarian legal arrangement. The “free trade agreement” set up authorities that trump federal, state and local laws and constitutions.

• Communitarianism is not voluntary, but coercive in its design. The correct application of the Communitarian Law produced by an International Integration Organization “implies that states members have to make political and legal internal reforms" (Florida Atlantic University EU-CAFTA Law Symposium)

• The Communitarian perspective has expanded the use of the mapping power of the Geographical Information System (GIS) to include mapping our individual, private data. Our new community government is using the GIS to combine utilities records, land use records, police incident reports, and census reports, with corporate databases like Experian's "individual household information." Our individual, personal data can be critically analyzed to determine our potential worth, or it can identify us as detriment to the new American idea of "values."

• The Communitarian crime prevention and neighborhood block-watch perspective created the new community COP, a federal agent masquerading as a mental health worker, who performs psychological evaluations and potential for addiction interventions. The faith-based initiative will add religious organization's meticulously kept records to the data gathered by new community "health care teams."

• The Communitarian perspective created the new American community based governments' job. The new community government manages all privately held land, people, and natural resources. Anyone who openly opposes their agenda becomes a person of questionable moral values.

• Communitarians know that educated, religious, advanced, and industrial nations do not give up their freedom and economic independence easily. Reluctant, "backward" nations like Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Palestine, Lebanon, and Syria must be bombed out of existence before peaceful rebuilding of the world can take place, as PNAC, "Project for the New American Century" said long ago.

• Communitarian law favors corporate interests over local property or business owners. Individuals can no longer stand behind national laws that protect their right to control their own property.

Communitarianism & religion

The law redesigns everything – especially religion. The Communitarians are in the design business. They are redesigning the world.

Dr. Amitai Etzioni is the founder of the Communitarian Network. A professor of sociology, he is a German who was born Werner Falk and immigrated to Israel. He has studied the Jewish Kabala in depth. According to the Jewish lecturer Roy Schoeman, the Kabala is Jewish occultism.

temple of understanding

Blueprint for Etzioni's planned temple
Dr. Etzioni proposes a hodge-podge of globalist ideology. A follower of David Ben Gurion, he was trained in a communist kibbutz in the 1930s as a teenage terrorist (the Zionist revolution was in 1947). He is a Fabian expert in Hegelian logic and a disciple of Martin Buber.

Be careful, Dr. Etzioni can sound utterly reasonable while he is ruining your life.

He is also the one behind a humanistic temple in Washington D.C. called the Temple of Understanding for the "citizen of the world" to develop "universal understanding" in place of his "national limitations." It is characterized as a "spiritual U.N." and is meant to be a symbol of the brotherhood and sisterhood of mankind."

The symbolism of the building dates back to the black magic practiced by the high priests of ancient Egypt. The building will contain a giant eye, a circular pool of water that reflects light beamed onto it by a dome faceted to resemble a many-colored diamond reflecting the rays of the sun through the six wings of the Temple, each wing representing one of the six major religions of the world. Buddhism, Hinduism, Confucianism, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

Classes will be given in the Temple teaching all six religions in a way that is intended to make the members of each of them open and receptive to all six of the world's major faiths.

This communitarian spiritual perspective, like the temporal, is not different from those of the conciliar Popes. Carnegie Council president Robert L. Phillips notes:

"Pope John Paul's great vision of Communitarianism and a New Global Order has yet to receive the recognition it deserves in furthering the understanding that humanity is built on religious values. … The essence of Communitarianism, as put forth by the Vatican, consists of seeking middle ground between Marxist Collectivism and rigid individualism and Capitalism. ("Communitarianism, the Vatican, and the New Global Order")

The Third Way

Communitarianism is often referred to as the Third Way (President Clinton was a "Third Way" President.) In the U.S. it is represented by the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC). Funded by the Rothschild’s Bank of England, the "New Democrats" were created to further communitarian programs and laws introduced under Republican administrations. Obama's "Stand for Change" campaign is pure Communitarian rhetoric.

In the U.S., privately owned businesses, family farms, guns, personal opinions, and private lives - once the bastion of American freedom - have been sabotaged in the name of social progress. The clear moral import of communitarian law is that individual freedom is intolerable to a healthy and sustainable community.

Amiti Etzioni, award

At left, Etzioni, an internationalist favorite, receiving the Meister Eckhart prize in Cologne
Etzioni highly recommends (based on his experience as a communist and a Fabian) that the military strength of the U.S. be combined with the authority of the United Nations. He says America has a moral obligation to rebuild a moral world with community military policing, but he does not always explain this is required to establish a Communitarian New World Order. This is the kind of advice our Presidents are following.

The Communitarian synthesis is the final silent move in a well-designed, quietly implemented plot to remake the world into colonies. The Hegelian dialectic sets up the scene of state intervention, confiscation and redistribution in the U.S. This is against our entire constitutional based society.

We have all been duped by a global oligarchy that plan to take totalitarian control of all the nation’s people, property and produce. Communitarian plans exist in every corner of the world, and nobody at the local level will explain why there is no national legal avenue to withdraw from the UN’s ‘Community’ development plans.

I offer my deep thanks to Niki Raapana for digging for the truth and finding it. Much of this article is taken directly from her work 2020: Our Common Destiny and other articles .


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 8, 2012

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