World History

Catholic Empire

catholic Brazilian Catholics Miraculously Defeat the Dutch Protestants
Our Lady's intercedes at the Battle of Monte das Tabocas

catholic Catholicism in Sri Lanka  
Its history, devotions, special saints & customs

catholic The Religious Roots of the French Revolution  -  Part 2
The preparation made by Protesantism, Jansenism & Gallicanism

catholic French Revolution: The People Never Make a Revolution - Part 1
Danton: 'Revolutions are made by paid bandits'

catholic The Jacobites: A Heroic but Failed Mission
Their valiant attempt to restore Catholicism to the British Isles

catholic Two Women Who Entered Crusading History
One for a 16-year wait; the other for an indignant scolding

catholic The Carmelite Order  - Part 1
Protected by Our Lady for centuries

catholic The Carmelite Order  - Part 2
The brown scapular & promise of salvation

catholicMiracles of the Crusades

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 1 -    The discovery of the Holy Lance in the Battle of Antioch
                   In a vision St. Andrew revealed the place weher it was hidden

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 2 -    An army from Heavens assists the Crusaders at Antioch
                   St. George, St. Demetrius & St. Mercurius came down to help

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 3 -    The Maccabees & the Crusaders
                   Two heavenly interventions that lead the Maccabees to victor

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 4 -    Maccabees Warriors Inspire the Crusaders
                   The heroic deaths of Eleazar & Judas Maccabeus

catholic Spain’s Fervor in the Civil War & Its Decadence
The short life of the zeal rekindled by the Spanish Civil War

catholic The Hermit Macarius Saves an Innocent Man
An accused man finds refuge in the cave of a Desert Father

catholic The Hermits Populated the Deserts of Egypt
A traveler finds communities of monks & isolated solitaries

catholic Vatican Archives Show a Just & Good Inquisition
20 years of scholarly research deny the Black Legend

catholicThe Black Legend of the Inquisition Put to Rest
Movie review of Timewatch - The Spanish Inquisition, BBC special

catholic Why Shouldn't the Pope Apologize for the Inquisition?
Because it was a good & legitimate institution

catholicRussian Revolution: Urgent Lessons for the U.S. Today
Lenin's strategy to install a new order being repeated now

catholicMont Saint Michel, the Wonder of the West - Part 1
The Archangel appears to Bishop Aubert and orders a sanctuary be made

catholicMont Saint Michel, the Wonder of the West - Part 2
The Abbey's prodigious expansion and unhappy decline

catholicThe Rich Medieval Menu
Contrary to myths, the medieval man ate quite well

catholicMedieval Famines, Bread & Wine
Daily food on the people's table was rarely wanting

catholicIs it Anti-Catholic to Celebrate Guy Fawkes Night?
The foiled Gundpowder Plot became a Protestant holiday in Britain

catholicMedieval Work & Leisure
The feast days gave the people three months of rest over the year

catholicA World of Brilliant Colors
Daily life in the Middle Ages was filled with rich color for nobles & peasants

catholicSt. Gregory VII Excommunicates Emperor Henry IV
The Pope asserts his authority over the temporal power

catholicThe Great Adventure of the Templars
Their enduring aura of grandeur is based on a life of sacrifice and courage

catholicFeudalism and the Church
This regime was the best in History for the Catholic Church

catholicThe Doctrine of Translatio
The Sovereign Pontiff's power to consecrate or set aside the Emperor

catholicGenocide in the Catholic Vendée
Catholics demand acknowledgement of the Masonic massacres

catholicThe Carolingian Donations to the Papal States
Charlemagne confirms the Donation of Pepin, and adds others to it

catholicThe Miracle of Ourique and the Birth of Portugal
Our Lord appears to Don Afonso Henriques before the decisive battle of 1139

catholicWhy the Inquisition Was Founded
To stop the spread of heresy, Gregory IX calls on the Mendicant Orders

catholicUrban II Calls for the First Crusade
All of Europe raises up to free the Sepulcher of Christ

catholic How the Papal States Were Lost
Despite setbacks, the prestige of the Papacy grows worldwide under Pius IX

catholicThe Suffering of Father Bardeau
Incident from the terror in the French Revolution

catholicBloody Passovers Reported by a Jewish Scholar
Confirmation that St. Simon of Trent was ritually murdered

catholicThe King of Spain Dishonors the Golden Fleece Order
Juan Carlos confers the Order to the Muslim King of Saudi Arabia

catholicDeparture for the First Crusade
A desire for sublimity and grandeur was the motive for the Crusaders

catholicThe Swiss Guard - Thy Will Be Done, on Earth as It Is in Heaven
The Pope has the right to have territories and defend them by military force

catholicThe Miracle of Christendom: A Reason for Hope
An argument in favor of a new Christian Civilization

catholicRefuting the Anti-Catholic Lies of the E-Pamphlet "Life in the 1500's"
An insidious revolutionary propaganda misleads readers about the Middle Ages

catholicThe Swan’s Song of Galileo’s Myth
Honest historical investigations demonstrate that Galileo was justly condemned

catholicWhy Shouldn't the Pope Apologize for the Inquisition?
Scholars conclude: the "black legend" regarding the Inquisition is a fabrication

catholicRemember Lepanto!
The fight between Catholics and Muslims continues today

catholicUnderstanding the Crusades
The medieval outrage at the desecration of the Holy Sepulcher

catholicA Counter Crusade
A symbolic pacifist demonstration in Jerusalem tries to belittle the Crusades...

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