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Triumph of a Neo-Pagan Culture

by Marian T. Horvat, Ph.D.

World Youth days This photo represents youth at World Youth Day in Canada. It is not enough to send a young person to a World Youth Day and say he has become the “hope of the future” for the Catholic Church. In fact, the generation of the "new evangelization" seems to reflect more a victory of a neo-pagan tribal culture than the triumph of Christian civilization.

Where is the sense of an appropriate public behavior at these religious Woodstocks that are called World Youth Days? The modern youth "experiences" religion with rock music and spontaneous embracing, arm waving, and expressions of self-realization. The youths in the picture dressed in T-shirts and shorts may be at a Catholic religious event, but for all practical purposes, they look like they could be at a Pentecostal prayer revival or pop-rock music festival.

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