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A Critical Examination of the Theology
of Karl Rahner, S.J.

Robert C. McCarthy

Some of the major theological errors that have profoundly influenced
the documents, the "spirit" and the consequences of Vatican II

Animus Delendi – I
"In A Critical Examination of the Theology of Karl Rahner, the author synthesizes with notable intelligence and an acute Catholic sense the thinking of the German theologian and provides an objective critique of many of his erroneous points .... The study .... presents the points most opposed to the Catholic Faith.

As an ex-Marine, the author knows where to direct the torpedoes that will sink the ship. The work avoids confusing technical terms and concepts and thus has the advantage of being easily understood .... It only remains for me to congratulate the author for his meritorious work and to wish him a broad diffusion of this useful and opportune study."
(From the foreword by Atila Sinke Guimarães.)

Format: Paperback, 62 pp.
Publication date: 2001

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About Karl Rahner:

Frequently Karl Rahner dodged censure and disciplinary measures throughout his career by couching his radically anti-Catholic vision in obfuscated language. Rahner not only invented a new theology, he invented a new language to describe it. It became in effect a "coded" language, understandable only to initiates.

This book in many and important points breaks the code and lays bare the true meaning of Rahner's bizarre theories. Of critical importance, the book does not simply reflect the personal interpretations of the author; Mr. McCarthy supports his analysis by extensive quotations from Rahner himself, and from several of his closest associates.

McCarthy's work shows how Rahner progresses from a basic assumption about human nature, an assumption that effectively denies Original Sin, and leads to his further interpretations regarding personal and private Revelation, the nature of Jesus Christ, the "demythologizing" of the Catholic Faith, his view of a "declericalized" future church, leading to what is perhaps the culmination of his theology, his idea of the "anonymous Christian," whereby every human being regardless of his beliefs or religion, even avowed enemies of Christ are, nevertheless, to be considered "Christians."

This concept of "anonymous Christianity" introduced by Rahner is probably the one idea of his that most profoundly influenced Vatican II, and has had broad and long-lasting effects within the Church, especially in the "ecumenism" and "New Ecclesiology" of Pope John Paul II and Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger.


About the Author:

Robert C. McCarthy was born in Grand Haven, Michigan, and was firmly grounded in his faith in a time when the Church Militant marched proud of its perennial teachings and tradition. After serving with the U.S. Marine Corps (1943-46) he attended the University of Detroit and Georgetown University, and received a B.S. in Foreign Service in 1950. He worked about seven years with the Central Intelligence Agency (Latin America), then was in private business and politics, and returned to government service with the Alliance for Progress and remained with the Agency for International Development (Latin America and Southeast Asia) until retiring in 1975. He has traveled widely in the United States, observing the current practice of Catholicism. His concern has been to discover what changes have occurred since Vatican II, and how and why they have occurred.

He believes that we cannot understand the changes in the Catholic Church until we penetrate behind Vatican II to the thinking, the theories, the philosophies, that motivated the changes. This book on Rahner is, he believes, one important piece of the puzzle.

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