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Maria Walks amid the Thorns

German Christmas Carol

Maria Durch Ein' Dornwald Ging is a popular German folk song that goes back to the Middle Ages. It was actually first a pilgrimage song, describing the journey of Mary with the Christ Child in her womb on her way to see her cousin Elizabeth. As she walked along the winter path lined with thorn trees, roses bloomed on them in acknowledgement of the presence of the Creator among them.
Today it is a favorite Christmas carol, reflecting well the innocence of the German people.

Listen to Maria Durch Ein' Dornwald Ging

1. Maria durch ein' Dornwald ging.
Kyrie eleison,
Maria durch ein' Dornwald ging,
Der hatte in sieben Jahrn kein Laub getragen.
Jesu und Maria. 

2. Was trug Maria unter ihrem Herzen?
Kyrie eleison,
Ein kleines Kindlein ohne Schmerzen,
Das trug Maria unter ihrem Herzen.
Jesu und Maria. 

3. Da hab'n die Dornen Rosen getragen.
Kyrie eleison,
Als das Kindlein durch den Wald getragen,
Da haben die Dornen Rosen getragen.
Jesu und Maria.
1. Maria walks amid the thorns,
Kyrie eleison,
Maria walks amid the thorns,
Which seven years no leaf has born.
Jesus and Maria.

2. What 'neath her heart doth Mary bear?
Kyrie eleison ,
The little Child doth Mary bear,
Beneath her heart He nestles there.
Jesus and Maria.

3. Lo! roses on the thorns appear!
Kyrie eleison,
As the two are passing near,
Lo! roses on the thorns appear!
Jesus and Maria.

sheet music for Maria Walks Amid the Thorns 

Blason de Charlemagne
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