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After the Mass, No Greater Devotion than the Rosary

Today, when we have both the naysayers, who ignore the Holy Rosary, and the exaggerators, who claim the Rosary is more important than the Mass, it is good to read what the great Marian Apostle St. Luis Grignion de Montfort said about this important devotion.

St. Louis Grignion de Montfort

St. Augustine assures us that there is no spiritual exercise more fruitful or more useful than the frequent reflection on the sufferings of Our Lord. Blessed Albert the Great, who had St. Thomas Aquinas as his student, learned in a revelation that by simply thinking of or meditating on the Passion of Jesus Christ, a Catholic gains more merit than if he had fasted on bread and water every Friday for a year, or had beaten himself with the discipline once a week until blood flowed, or had recited the whole Book of Psalms every day.

If this is so, then how great must be the merit we can gain from the Rosary, which commemorates the whole Life and Passion of Our Lord?

Our Lady one day revealed to Blessed Alan de la Roche that, after the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, which is the first and most living memorial of Our Lord’s Passion, there was indeed no more excellent devotion or one of greater merit than that of the Rosary, which is like a second memorial and representation of the Life and Passion of Jesus Christ.

Fr. Dorland relates that in 1481 Our Lady appeared to the Venerable Dominic, a Carthusian devoted to the holy Rosary, who lived at Treves, and said to him:

“Whenever one of the faithful, in a state of grace, says the Rosary while meditating on the mysteries of the Life and Passion of Christ, he obtains full and entire remission of all his sins.”

She also said to Blessed Alan: “I want you to know that, although there are numerous indulgences already attached to the recitation of my Rosary, I shall add many more to every five decades for those, who free from serious sin, say them with devotion, on their knees. And whosoever shall persevere in the devotion of the holy Rosary, with its prayers and meditations, shall be rewarded for it. I shall obtain for him full remission of the penalty and the guilt of all his sins at the end of his life.

“And let this not seem incredible to you; it is easy for me because I am the Mother of the King of Heaven, and He calls me full of grace. And being filled with grace, I am able to dispense it freely to my dear children.”

St. Dominic was so convinced of the efficacy of the Rosary and its great value, that when he heard confessions, he hardly ever gave any other penance, as we have seen in the story I told you of the lady in Rome to whom he gave only a single Rosary.

St. Dominic was a great saint and other confessors also ought to walk in his footsteps by asking their penitents to say the Rosary with meditation on the Sacred Mysteries, rather than giving them other penances that are less meritorious and less pleasing to God, less likely to help them avoid sin. Moreover, while saying the Rosary, people gain numerous indulgences that are not attached to many other devotions.

As Abbot Blosius says: “The Rosary, with meditation on the Life and Passion of Christ, is certainly most pleasing to Our Lord and His Blessed Mother and is a very successful means of obtaining all graces. We can say it for ourselves as well as for those who have been recommended to our prayers and for the whole Church."

Let us turn, then, to the holy Rosary in all our needs, and we shall infallibly obtain the graces we ask for from God to attain our salvation.


Blason de Charlemagne
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St. Louis de Montfort, The Secret of the Rosary, TAN Books, 1993, book II, chap. 5
Posted on March 26 , 2022

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