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Bad Priests Are the Worst Punishment
God Sends to People

Normally TIA presents a few words to introduce this or that Forgotten Truth, calling some points to the attention of our reader in order to facilitate his comprehension of the text published in this section. Today’s text does not need any explanation.

Unfortunately, today every Catholic knows a large quantity of bad priests, which makes the words of St. Anthony Maria Claret more opportune than ever.

St. Anthony Maria Claret

If you see a bad priest at the head of a parish, you should be afflicted and fear that perhaps our sins deserved such a horrible chastisement, for Sacred Scripture teaches us that the greatest and most terrible scourge that God sends to a people is to give it bad priests.

Until the wrath of the Lord reaches its apex, He permits that nations arm themselves one against the other; that the fields become sterile; that hunger, desolation and death exert their dominium over the earth.

However, when His just indignation reaches its climax, He sends the last and most atrocious of His punishments by allowing unfaithful ministers, stained priests, scandalous shepherds to appear among men. Then it happens that the abominations of the people are the cause of the bad priests, and the bad priests are the greatest punishment with which God chastises the people.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Catechism of the Christian Doctrine Explained & Adapted for Young Men,
Portuguese edition, Editora Ave Maria, 1934, p. 305

Posted on October 9, 2021

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