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The Pope Cannot Accept Modern Civilization

Some weeks ago we saw Benedict XVI in Portugal boasting about his support for the Modern World, pretending that Vatican II is the happy synthesis between Catholic Tradition and the Enlightenment. Today, we bring to our readers the contrary doctrine taught by Pope Pius IX in his Allocution Jamdudum cernimus of March 18, 1861, which is in accordance with all the previous Papal Magisterium. By comparing the two documents the reader can reach his own conclusions.

Pope Pius IX

In truth, on the face of this earth there is but one true and holy Religion, founded and established by Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself; this Religion – the fecund mother, the nurturer of all virtues, the enemy of vice, the liberator of souls and the mistress of true happiness – is called Catholic, Apostolic and Roman.

We have already spoken about what we should think of those who live outside of this ark of salvation in the consistory allocution of December 9, 1854, and here we confirm that same doctrine.

To those who, for the good of Religion, invite us to extend our hand to contemporary civilization, we ask whether the Vicar of Christ, divinely established by Christ to preserve the purity of His heavenly doctrine and to nourish and confirm His lambs and sheep in this same doctrine, could join forces with contemporary civilization without a very grave danger of conscience and causing the greatest of scandals. For it was this civilization that produced evils so numerous that we could never deplore them sufficiently, as well as so many poisonous opinions, errors and principles which are extremely opposed to the Catholic Religion and her doctrine.

Pius IX, Allocution Jamdudum cernimus, March 18, 1861, in Recueil des Allocutions consistoriales,
encycliques et autres lettres apostoliques
, Paris: Adrien Leclere, 1865, p. 435.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 5, 2010

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