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Theology of History
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The Judgment of Nations - V

Ana Maria Taigi: Triumph of the Church
& the Restorer

Margaret C. Galitzin
In the previous article, we saw that Blessed Ana Maria Taigi (1769-1837) predicted a great Chastisement in the Latter Times, which would end with a surprising victory of Heaven and the restoration of our Holy Church and Catholic Civilization.

Ana Maria Taigi

Blessed Ana Maria Taigi with her children

She also foretold Three Days of Darkness that would descend on the world, in which the only light and safety for Catholics would be in the presence of a blessed candle. Since this is private prophecy, Catholics are not obliged by Faith to believe what Ana Maria Taigi saw in the “mystical sun” that was always before her eyes.

However, since the Seer's prophecies, handwritten during her lifetime by Msgr. Raffaele Natali, were judged praiseworthy and worthy of belief in her Beatification process, it seems unwise to hastily ignore them, particularly since the same warning of a descending darkness was made by other Church-approved Saints and mystics.

Let us not forget that Scriptures (here and here), also confirm a Judgment of Nations that will occur in the Latter Times, a sudden and tremendous chastisement followed by a long period of peace on the earth.

Also, the opening of the sixth seal in the Apocalypse foretells a sensible darkness when it says that, after a great earthquake, the sun became as black as sackcloth of hair. (Apoc 6: 12) For, if the sun is darkened over, there will be no light on the earth. Just as the Lord chastised the Egyptians with darkness, He can punish the more guilty modern world with an even greater universal darkness. (1)

sixth seal opening

The sun becomes black, the moon turns blood red, the sky recedes like a scroll rolling up

For those Catholics who insist we are in the End Times, let them note that the terrible scene described here in the Apocalypse does not refer to the upheaval at the end of the world, because it is followed by a grand religious restoration at the opening of the sixth seal and the sound of the sixth trumpet.

This chastisement of the Latter Times, then, does not represent the Last Judgment at the end of the world, but, as notes Fr. Gaudentius Rossi in The Christian Trumpet, it will be "a kind of ante-judgment of the living," (2) the Judgment of Nations that precedes the Reign of Mary.

The triumph of the Church & the Restorer

The purification made by God by these means will have a single objective: the restoration of the Catholic Church with all the honor due to her and the restoration of Christian Civilization.

From the notes taken by Msgr. Natali, we read what Our Lord told her: 'When the renewed Church takes shape, only few will remain, very few, and they will be extremely surprised and filled with fear seeing all that was done by God, how they should love God and what they have suffered for God. (...) It is not for you [Maria Taigi] to see this."

St Michael

After the terrible chastisement, a great victory 

She also spoke of the Reign of Mary, when all the religions will convert to Catholicism. She said that, after the chastisement ends, amid great convulsions of nature and loss of life, a heavenly era will start, a triumph so great and astounding that she was left dumbfounded.

The following were words of Jesus Christ to Blessed Ana Maria, as she saw a man in the future who will play a key role in her Restoration:

"Do you see him? Observe. Contemplate him. Behold the apostolic soul, the man who fights for the vineyard, the one equal to those who fought so much for My glory. His efforts, his sweat, his works will be rewarded in Paradise with such a glory that no human mind can imagine. The love I have for this person is so great that it will only be known in Paradise. He is a truly zealous man. A man with no stain. He has no human ends, no self interest, and, since his earliest youth, the vice of flattery never touched him. " (3)

Here I note that this prophecy supports what St. Hildegarde saw, "the innocent one" who would direct the restoration of the Church and Christian Civilization.

Some counsels for the ‘definitive day’

Blessed Ana Maria knew that she would never see this “definitive day” when God would triumph over all the enemies of the Church. On September 13, 1831, Our Lady herself, addressing those good ones who would be suffering in those terrible days, told the seer:

"Now is not the time for miracles, because the hour for the Church to return to her first state still has not arrived. My children, behold your Mother. I bless you, My Father blesses you, but you must be good, be good, be good. You should suffer with a good disposition until the Holy Spirit comes to set you afire with love and bring an end to this iniquitous world. They will have reached the end. They will have suffered almost everything. All the kingdoms, cities, peoples, castles, provinces will find themselves suffering, with problems, tribulation and torments until the definitive day. (4)

coffin taigi

In 1865 her coffin was opened & the body was incorrupt; in 1920 it was reopened and no longer incorrupt. A wax covering preserves her resemblance

Once she asked God who would resist this terrible trial. He answered: "Those to whom I will grant the spirit of humility."

For this reason Ana Maria Taigi established in her own family the custom of praying after the Rosary (a terço), three Our Fathers, Hail Marys and Glory bes with the intention of asking for the mercy and infinite goodness of the Most Holy Trinity to mitigate the scourge that His justice has reserved for those calamitous times. She saw this chastisement numerous times in her “mystical sun.” (9)

Blessed Ana Maria counseled the faithful to procure blessed candles, which alone shall give light during the darkness; also, to remain in prayer, to recite the holy Rosary, and not to attempt to leave the light of the candle or look out for idle and vain curiosity.

These are simple things to prepare and keep in mind, even for those who have doubts about private revelations. As Dr. Plinio once noted when commenting on the custom of keeping a blessed candle for the coming Chastisement:

"I have a blessed candle for this purpose in my home. My thinking is quite simple: I am not concerned about investigating whether the original revelation is true or false. To have a blessed candle is a good thing, therefore, I have one. Then, if the three days of darkness come, I am prepared. If they do not take place, I do not lose anything by having a blessed candle with me. On the contrary, I can only benefit from having it. I can use the candle when I die, or give it to someone else who may die at my home."

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Posted October 2, 2020