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Reflections on Knock - XI

Knock Message Hidden & Defiled
by Vatican II Hierarchy

Gregory Johnson
I believe that the Vatican II Hierarchy is presenting Our Lady’s message in a way opposed to the truth. In fact, they are using the silent apparition at Knock to promote Progressivism, false religions and the new morality. The evidence I will present is from a 39-minute film entitled The Story of Knock.

A biased message of Knock

jpII at Knock

JPII, celebrating joy and peace at Knock, ignores any dire warning

In 1988, a promotional film called The Story of Knock was produced after Pope John Paul II’s visit to the Knock Shrine in 1979 – the celebration of the centenary of the apparition [34:47 minute mark]. This film has become the most widely known professional film concerning the apparition of Knock and its Shrine. It can be found free online.

The Story of Knock features footage of the Knock Shrine grounds and ceremonies and interviews from the highest ranking clergy involved with Knock. It is a clear demonstration of how the Vatican II Hierarchy wishes to present Knock and its meaning to the public.

Lulled to sleep at Knock

Throughout the film we hear repeatedly the chorus of Lady of Knock, a song written in 1981 that has become something akin to the official theme song for the Knock apparition.

our lady knock

Lulled into a sweet sleep with the lyrics of Our Lady of Knock, Queen of Peace

Golden Rose, Queen of Ireland,
All my cares and troubles cease,
As I kneel with love before thee.
Lady of Knock, our Queen of Peace.

It has a peaceful, lullaby-like melody with lyrics that lead its listeners to think of peace and to be without cares and trouble-free. But, in light of the grave crisis of the Church in 1988 (recall John Paul II’s 1986 pan-religious gathering at Assisi), this is the opposite of the Knock message so strongly tied to La Salette where Our Lady wept incessantly, warning us of an approaching chastisement due to a corrupt and filthy Hierarchy and world. There she said outright that “Rome will lose the Faith.”

It is wrong to be indifferent to the tears, burdens and concerns of Our Lady. As Catholics do we not pray that our hearts be like unto hers? Wise and Immaculate Heart of Mary, Make my heart like unto thine (Cor Sapientiale et Immaculatum Mariae, fac cor meum secundum cor tuum). If we add the portending message of Fatima, there is even greater reason to be heedful. As a matter of fact, times of the greatest concern are often accompanied by a very profound silence.

As I mentioned before, the silence of Our Lady at Knock must not be construed as a message of “peace” where “cares and troubles cease.”

World Youth Day morals & attire

In many places this video presents the casual, immodest, inappropriate and disrespectful attire that has become common place among lay people in the post-Vatican II epoch.

youth at knock

The bad WYD customs & vulgar dresses are present at Knock

Even in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament, we see the visitors of Our Lady’s Shrine wearing shorts, T-shirts, jeans, women wearing pants, casual and extravagant cloths [7:45]. If we consider that this film was made about 30 years ago, then, it should be seen as a beginning of the current amoral World Youth Day style.

Besides the shabby attire, the video is replete with Novus Ordo Masses, concelebrated Masses [24:02], Communion in the Hand [30:22], Guitar Masses [18:08] and other novelties of Vatican II ceremonies [4:42].

Progressivist social justice

At the 18:54 minute mark, the pastor of the Knock Shrine says:

priests concelebrate at knock

Priests concelebrating at the Knock shrine

“And the Christian family in 1988 needs to be an involved family; it needs to be involved in the life of the local community. In issues of social justice that arise on its own doorstep; in the missionary effort of the Church; in the elementary and uneven battle between life and death that goes on daily in the Third World. Every Christian family should have a social, even international dimension.”

By 1988, ”social justice” had already become a synonym for Liberation Theology and other socialist/communist agendas, especially in the Third World. We who live in 2017 are witnessing 30 years later the dire consequences of this so-called social justice that exploded with Vatican II and has fallen to unimaginable depths in the reign of Pope Francis.

Insufficient truths presented as the Knock message

The film makes feeble attempts at explaining the apparition at Knock, presenting simple things that are common knowledge to the Faithful:
  • “Mary’s coming gave them hope” (the people of Ireland in 1879). [7:30]

  • “Two of the witnesses testified that Mary wore a crown on her head… she is mother and intercessor.” [8:14]

  • “With the passage of years, the richness of the apparition becomes clearer. Mary is the Mother of God. Her message is a silent one. Namely, that she is present with souls who suffer now as she was with Jesus on Calvary and with the people of Knock and their privations in 1879.” [22:41]

  • “St. Joseph is the support of Mary and patron of family life.” [23:07]

  • “John holds open a Bible and preaches from it. With this gesture John is inviting us to study the word of God.” [23:45] It is interesting to note that the identity of the book is uncertain since it could be just the Apocalypse and not the entire Bible. Notwithstanding, the message is being used to spread “bible studies,” which are a common practice of Protestants.”
Would Our Lady appear just to repeat what the faithful already know and have known since the beginning of the Church? Apparitions of Our Lady are far too rare to not have a purpose. So, the statements listed above, even though they are true, cannot be the reason Our Lady appeared at Knock.

Defiling the Knock message through ecumenism & pacifism

Ecumenism is openly promoted at the Knock Shrine. In the spirit of Vatican II, the Faith is subjected to a dishonorable relativism where peace is sought at any cost:

protestants being welcomed with ecumenism at knock

The Knock priest, at left in red, welcomes leaders of false religions

“Pilgrims from all walks of life come to Knock to pray for peace. At Our Lady’s shrine the quest for peace takes many forms. As the Shrine develops, an increasing number of people are beginning to see Our Lady’s Shrine as a center, not just for personal or family peace, but also for universal peace; a place where individuals, groups and entire communities come together independent of social or religious divide.”

The pastor of Knock, Msgr. Dominic Greely, publicly welcomes Protestant ministers. Then, the Protestant preachers pray and speak to the Catholics gathered at the Knock Shrine. We are told: "Ever conscious of the need to cater to all Christians, Knock Shrine is working hard to foster an ecumenical spirit and ecumenical services are encouraged." [15:30]

This official promotion of heretics, schismatics and other false religions at the Shrine is a disgraceful, sacrilegious defilement of Our Lady’s apparition and an affront to the messages of Knock, La Salette, Lourdes and Fatima.

No mention of the Apocalypse

It is well known that St. John, who appears in the Knock apparition, wrote the Apocalypse - the prophetic book of the New Testament that speaks of future, “things which must shortly come to pass.” (Apoc. 1:1)

st john at knock

No mention of the book St. John as Bishop holds - the Apocalypse

Yet, in the film, the word Apocalypse is not spoken, not even once. It is safe to say that it is deliberately avoided. At the 23:15 minute mark, St. John is simply described as the “writer of the fourth Gospel and of three of the letters of the New Testament,” nothing more.

So, here we have the astonishing fact that a promotional film about Knock, produced by the Catholic Hierarchy and with its full cooperation, avoids mentioning his prophetic book. The shocking absence of any mention of the Apocalypse demonstrates, I believe, a deliberate intent to avoid a serious investigation of the true message Our Lady gave at Knock. It seems as if panic is raised at the mere thought of linking Our Lady’s apparition with anything concerning the Apocalypse.

Testimony of John Curry (age 5), one of the 15 official witnesses

The child says he saw images, beautiful images, the Blessed Virgin and St. Joseph.

He could state no more than that he saw the fine images and the light, and heard the people talk of them, and climbed the wall to see the nice things and the lights.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 20 2017

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