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Levantai-vos, Soldados de Cristo!

Brazilian Militant Hymn: Rise up, Ye Soldiers of Christ!

Levantai-vos, Soldados de Cristo (Rise Up, Ye Soldiers of Christ) is a popular and militant hymn for the apostolate, hailing from Brazil. The hymn dates back at least to the 1930s, appearing in the Manual de Cânticos Sacros (Manual of Sacred Songs, 1939), as well as the 1956 edition of the Magnificat, coletânea de cantos litúrgicos. The hymn ais also known as the Hymn of the Apostolate of Prayer (Hino do apostolado, or Hino do apostolado da oração.

The song reminds us that earthly life is a battlefield. The Head of this army is our King, Our Lord Jesus Christ; who calls us to the fight. The standard is the glorious Cross, which promises "triumphs without end" for those who follow in Our Lord's footsteps. The fight is a consequence of original sin and "the inheritance of the sons of Adam."

The hymn was one of the preferred songs of the Group of Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira. It is animated by the spirit of the Counter-Revolution, which strives to fight and destroy the Revolution in the Church (Progressivism) and in society (Communism). The song remains a classic hymn in the Church repertoire, meant to spur Catholics on and remind them of their role in the Church Militant, for it is not only their right, but their duty to fight the enemies of the Church.

Levantai-vos Soldados de Cristo is here interpreted by Arautos do Evangelho.

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Portuguese text:

Levantai-vos, Soldados de Cristo!
Sus correi, sus voai a vitória,
Desfraldando a bandeira de glória,
O pendão de Jesus Redentor.

Não nascemos senão para a luta,
De batalha amplo campo é a terra,
É renhida e constante esta guerra,
É herança dos filhos de Adão.

O, segui deste Rei glorioso,
O divino estandarte da Cruz,
Ele só a vitória conduz,
Os soldados briosos da Fé!

É Jesus nosso Rei soberano,
De vencer dá-nos firme promessa,
Seu amor de atrair-nos não cessa,
Nos reserva triunfos sem fim.

English translation (1):

Rise up, ye soldiers of Christ,
Run, fly to victory,
Unfurling the flag of glory,
The banner of Jesus the Redeemer.

We are not born for anything except the fight,
The earth is a great battlefield,
This war is close-knit and constant,
It is the inheritance of the sons of Adam.

O, follow this glorious King
The divine standard of the Cross,
It only leads to victory,
The valorous soldiers of the Faith.

Jesus is our Sovereign King,
He gives us the firm promise of conquering,
His love never ceases to attract us
He has reserved endless triumphs for us.

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Crusaders Levantai-vos

  1. English translation from TIA Desk.


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