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Cantemus Domino

Tract for Holy Saturday

Cantemus Domino (“Let us sing to the Lord”) is the tract sung after the fourth prophecy on Holy Saturday, and is based on Exodus 15:1-2.

Dom Guéranger explains the chant: “Here the Church sings the canticle of Moses. His sister Mary and the daughters of Israel sang it on the shore of the Red Sea, as they looked upon the bodies of the Egyptians.” (1)

Cantemus Domino is here interpreted
by the Monks of L'Abbaye Saint-Benoit-du-Lac.

Listen to Cantemus Domino


Latin text

Cantemus Domino:
Gloriose enim honorificatus est:
Equum et ascensorem projecit in mare:
Adjutor et protector
Factus est mihi in salutem.
V. Hic Deus meus, et honorificabo eum:
Deus patris mei, et exaltabo eum.
V. Dominus conterens bella:
Dominus nomen est illi.

English translation:

Let us sing to the Lord:
For he is gloriously magnified:
The horse and the rider He has thrown into the sea:
My helper and protector
He has brought salvation to me.
V. He is my God, and I will glorify Him:
The God of my father, and I will exalt Him.
V. The Lord has destroyed war:
Almighty is His name.

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Dominus Jesus

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  1. Dom Gueranger, The Liturgical Year, Loreto Publications, 2000, vol. 6, p. 583.

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