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Domine, audivi

First Tract for Good Friday

Domine, audivi (“O Lord, I have heard”) is the first tract from Good Friday’s Mass of the Presanctified; it is based on Habacuc 3:2-3.

Dom Guéranger explains the chant: “The Tract is taken from the canticle of the prophet Habacuc, which we have already sung at Lauds. It foretells the second coming of Christ, when He shall come in glory and majesty to judge them that have crucified Him.” (1)

Domine, audivi is here interpreted by Nova Schola Gregoriana.

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Latin text

Domine, audivi auditum tuum, et timui:
Consideravi opera tua, et expavi.
V. In medio duorum animalium innotesceris:
Dum appropinquaverint anni, cognosceris:
Dum advenerit tempus, ostenderis.
V. In eo, dum conturbata fuerit anima mea:
In ira, misericordiae memo eris.
V. Deus a Libano veniet,
Et Sanctus de monte umbroso, et condense.
V. Operuit caelos majestas ejus:
Et laudis ejus plena est terra.
English translation:

O Lord, I have heard Thy hearing and was afraid:
I have considered Thy works and trembled.
V. In the midst of two animals Thou shalt be known:
When the years draw nigh Thou shalt be known:
When the time comes, Thou shalt be manifested.
V. When my soul shall be in trouble,
Thou wilt remember mercy, even in Thy wrath.
V. God will come from Lebanon,
And the Holy One from the shady, covered mount.
V. His majesty covered the heavens:
And the earth is full of His praise.

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Dominus Jesus

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  1. Dom Guéranger, The Liturgical Year, Loreto Publications, 2000, vol. 6, p. 466.

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