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Dextera Domini

Offertory Chant for Maundy Thursday

Dextera Domini (“The right hand of the Lord”) is the Offertory chant for the Mass of Maundy Thursday, and is based on Psalm 117:16-17.

The chant shows how the Power of God is stronger than that of the Devil, and how Our Lord delivers us from evil and death. The chant also seems to be a prayer from Our Lord Jesus Christ directed to God the Father, showing how God the Father exalts Him Who is at His Right Hand. Though Our Lord – fully human and fully God – will die on the Cross, He will overcome death on the Third Day as He promised.

Dextera Domini is here interpreted by the Vienna Hofburgkapelle Choir.

Listen to Dextera Domini


Latin text

Dextera Domini fecit virtutem,
Dextera Domini exaltavit me.
Non moriar, sed vivam,
Et narrabo opera Domini.

English translation:

The right hand of the Lord has been strong;
The right hand of the Lord has exalted me.
I shall not die, but live,
And declare the works of the Lord.

  1. Dom Gueranger, The Liturgical Year, Loreto Publications, 2000, vol. 6, p. 375.

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Dextera Domini

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