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Venez, Divin Messie

French Advent song

Venez, Divin Messie (Come, Divine Messiah) is a simple and joyful Advent song from France. The song calls for the coming of Our Lord, asking Him to save us from our wretchedness and to count us one day among the blessed in Heaven. Dating back to the 16th century, the song has stood the test of time and is still popular in France during Advent and Christmastime.

The original text makes clear mention of judgment, Heaven and Hell. It reminds us that our life on earth is a miserable sojourn and pleads for Our Lord to come so that the gates of heaven may finally be opened to us.

It is important to note that, after the Second Vatican Council, a modern adaption to the text was made to conform to Progressivism. In the new version, all mention of judgment, Heaven and Hell has been taken out. Instead, we see references only to fear, division and hatred, and requests for Our Lord to “give us peace, the best of [His] blessings,” and to “judge the world with love” on the Last Day.

The original pre-Vatican II lyrics are presented here, written by Fr. Simon-Joseph Pellegrin in the 18th century. The melody was taken from a 16th-century Christmas hymn titled "Laissez paître vos bestes" (“Let your animals graze”). Venez Divin Messie is interpreted here by the French boys choir, Academie Musicale de Liesse (Musical Academy of Liesse).

The choir sings only the refrain and first two verses, but we have included all five of the traditional verses. Also, in measure 21 of the sheet music, the choir takes an interpretative liberty and sings an "E" in the first half of the bar instead of the "G" and "A" that are in the original melody.

Listen to Venez Divin Messie


French lyrics

Venez Divin Messie
Sauvez nos jours infortunés,
Venez source de Vie
Venez, venez, venez! (Verses)

1. Ah. Descendez, hâtez Vos pas;
Sauvez les hommes du trépas,
Secourez-nous, ne tardez pas.
Dans une peine extrême,
Gémissent nos cœurs affligés.
Venez Bonté Suprême,
Venez, venez, venez. (Refrain)

2. Ah. Désarmez Votre courroux,
Nous soupirons à Vos genoux,
Seigneur nous n'espérons qu'en Vous,
Pour nous livrer la guerre,
Tous les enfers sont déchaînés;
Descendez sur la terre,
Venez, venez, venez. (Refrain)

3. Que nos soupirs soient entendus,
Les biens que nous avons perdus,
Ne nous seront-ils point rendus?
Voyez couler nos larmes;
Grand Dieu, si Vous nous pardonnez,
Nous n'aurons plus d'alarmes,
Venez, venez, venez. (Refrain)

4. Si Vous venez en ces bas-lieux,
Nous Vous verrons victorieux,
Fermer l'enfer, ouvrir les cieux.
Nous l'espérons sans cesse,
Les cieux nous furent destinés,
Tenez votre promesse,
Venez, venez, venez. (Refrain)

5. Ah. Puissions-nous chanter un jour,
Dans votre bienheureuse cour,
Et Votre gloire et Votre amour.
C'est là l'heureux présage,
De ceux que Vous prédestinez,
Donnez-nous en un gage,
Venez, venez, venez. (Refrain)

English translation:

Come Divine Messiah,
Save our unfortunate days,
Come, source of Life,
Come, come, come. (Verses)

1. Ah. Descend, hasten Thy steps;
Save mankind from death,
Rescue us, do not delay.
In an extreme pain
Our afflicted hearts groan.
Come Supreme Goodness,
Come, come, come. (Refrain)

2. Ah. Subdue Thy wrath,
We sigh at Thy knees,
Lord we hope only in Thee,
To deliver to us the war,
All Hell is unleashed;
Descend to earth,
Come, come, come. (Refrain)

3. May our sighs be heard,
The good that we have lost,
Will it not be returned to us?
See our tears streaming;
Great God, if  Thou will forgive us,
We will have no more dismay,
Come, come, come. (Refrain)

4. If Thou will come to these low places,
We will see Thee victorious,
Closing Hell, opening Heaven,
We hope for it unceasingly,
Heaven was destined for us,
Keep Thy promise,
Come, come, come. (Refrain)

5. Ah. May we sing one day,
In Thy blessed court,
Both Thy glory and Thy love.
This is the happy presage
Of Thy presdestined ones,
Give us a pledge,
Come, come, come. (Refrain)

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Venez Divin Messie
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