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Holy Week Liturgy

Deus Meus Eripe

Deus Meus Eripe refers to the period in King David's life when he was persecuted by Saul. In the midst of dangers he had an unshakeable confidence in God. So, also, Our Lord, even in the lowest depths of His anguish, confides in His Father's help.

Deus Meus Eripe is the third Psalm of Maundy Thursday's first nocturn.
It is here sung by Psallentes Plainchant.

Listen to the Deus Meus Eripe


Latin lyrics

Deus meus, eripe me,
De manu peccatoris.

In Te Domine speravi
Non confundar in aeternum:
In justitia Tua libera me, et eripe me.

Inclina ad me aurem Tuam:
Et salva me.

Esto mihi in Deum protectorem
Et in locum munitum:
Ut salvum me facias.

Quoniam firmamentum meum:
Et refugium meum es Tu.

Deus Meus, eripe me
De manu peccatoris:
Et de manu contra legem agentis et iniqui.

Deus meus, eripe me
De manu peccatoris.
English translation

Rescue me, O my God,
From the hand of the sinner.

In Thee, O Lord, I have hoped,
Let me never be confounded:
Deliver me in Thy justice, and rescue me.

Incline Thine ear unto me,
And save me.

Be my protector, O God,
And my resort,
So that Thou mayest save me.

For Thou art my support:
And my refuge.

Rescue me, O my God,
From the hand of the sinner,
And from the oppressor and the unjust.

Rescue me, O my God,
From the hand of the sinner.

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King David playing the harp

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