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Latin Christmas Carol

Personent Hodie

Personent Hodie is a medieval Latin Christmas carol singing joyfully at the birth of Christ. The Son of God is gifted to man through the Blessed Virgin, and through His birth the victory of the Devil is undone. He who is Master of Heaven lays down in a humble manger while the kings of the world offer their treasures.

Personent Hodie is a Latin carol dating at least as early as the 14th century.

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Latin Lyrics:

Personent hodie,
Voces puerulae,
Laudantes iucunde,
Qui nobis est natus,
Summo Deo datus,
Et de vir vir vir,
Et de vir vir,
Et de virgineo,
Ventre procreatus.

In mundo nascitur,
Pannis involvitur,
Praesepi ponitur,
Stabulo brutorum,
Rector supernorum,
Perdidit dit dit,
Perdidit dit,
Perdidit spolia,
Princeps Infernorum.

Magi tres venerunt;
Munera offerunt;
Parvulum inquirunt,
Stellulam sequendo,
Ipsum adorando,
Aurum, thus thus thus,
Aurum, thus thus,
Aurum, thus et myrrham,
Ei offerendo.

Omnes clericuli,
Pariter pueri,
Cantent ut Angeli:
"Advenisti mundo,
Laudes tibi fundo,
Ideo o o,
Ideo o,
Ideo: Gloria,
In excelsis Deo."

English Translation:

Today must resound,
Children's voices,
Praising delightfully,
He who is born to us,
Given by most high God,
And of a vir vir vir,
And of a vir vir,
And of a virgin,
Womb begotten.

Born into the world,
Wrapped in swaddling clothes,
Placed in a manger,
In a stable for animals,
The Master of the heavens,
Rescued cued cued,
Rescued cued,
Rescued the spoils,
Of the Prince of Hell.

The three Magi came,
To offer gifts,
Inquiring for the Little One,
Following after a star,
They adored Him,
Gold, frankincense cense cense,
Gold, frankincense cense,
Gold, frankincense and myrrh,
They offered to Him.

All the small shepherds,
As if they were children,
Sang with the Angels:
"You have come to the world,
Praise to Thee be given,
Therefore fore fore,
Therefore fore,
Therefore: Glory
To God in the highest"

Personent Hodie sheet music  

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King David playing the harp

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