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Holy Week Liturgy

Vexilla Regis Prodeunt

Vexilla Regis Prodeunt was originally written by Venantius Fortunatus in the 6th century to commemorate the arrival of a relic of the True Cross at a convent in France. It is one of the most famous hymns of the Church and is reserved for the Vespers ceremonies of Holy Week, particularly the procession on Good Friday.

It is here sung by the Prinknash Abbey Monks.

Listen to Vexilla Regis Porodeunt

Latin Lyrics:

Vexilla Regis prodeunt,
Fulget Crucis mysterium,
Quo carne carnis Conditor,
Suspensus est patibulo.

Quo vulneratus insuper,
Mucrone diro lanceae,
Ut nos lavaret crimine,
Manavit unda et sanguine.

Te, fons salutis Trinitas,
Collaudet omnis spiritus,
Quos per Crucis mysterium,
Salvas, fove per saecula.


The King's standards advance,
The mystery of the Cross blazes out,
On which, Flesh for our flesh, the Creator
Was hung for a gallows.

Wounded further,
By the fatal injury of the lance,
So that He should wash us from our sin,
From His body flowed water and blood.

You, Trinity, source of salvation,
Be praised by all those souls
Whom, by the mystery of the Cross,
You saved and warmed throughout the centuries.

Sheet music for Vexilla Regis

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King David playing the harp

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