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Holy Week Liturgy

Tradiderunt Me

Tradiderunt me is the tenth responsorial for Holy Week. Our Lord laments His delivery into the hands of evildoers. In His time of greatest need, only the wicked and merciless surround Him. The princes of this world, strong in earthly power, are like giants in their apparent strength, while Our Lord, abandoned, faces His death in order to earn our Redemption. Christ is delivered into the hands of His enemies.

Tradiderunt me was composed by Fr. Tomás Luis de Victoria.
It is here sung by the Tenebrae Choir

Listen to Tradiderunt Me

Latin Lyrics:

Tradiderunt me in manus impiorum,
Et inter iniquos proiecerunt me,
Et non pepercerunt animae meae.
Congregati sunt adversum me fortes.

Et sicut gigantes steterunt contra me.

Alieni insurrexerunt adversum me,
Et fortes quaesierunt animam meam.

Et sicut gigantes steterunt contra me.


They delivered me into the hands of the wicked,
And cast me among evildoers,
And did not spare my soul.
Strong men gathered together against me.

And, like giants, stood against me.

Foreigners rose against me,
And strong men sought my soul.

And, like giants, they stood against me.



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