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Holy Week Liturgy

Tenebrae Factae Sunt

Tenebrae factae sunt is the eighth responsorio for Holy Week and the fifth responsorio of Matins for Good Friday. The Jews have instigated the crucifixion of Our Lord and, as He hangs upon the Cross, darkness falls over the Earth. At the ninth hour, signifying the consummation of His long and sorrowful Passion, Our Lord cries out with a loud voice, bows His head, and dies. Our Redemtion was achieved.

Tenebrae factae sunt was composed by Fr. Tomás Luis de Victoria.
It is here sung by the "Tenebrae Choir"

Listen to Tenebrae Factae Sunt

Latin Lyrics:

Tenebrae factae sunt,
Dum crucifixissent Jesum Judaei,
Et circa horam nonam exclamavit Jesus
Voce magna:
Deus Meus, ut quid Me dereliquisti?

Et inclinato capite,
Emisit spiritum.

Exclamans Jesus voce magna ait:
In manus Tuas commendo spiritum

Et inclinato capite,
Emisit spiritum.


Darkness fell over earth,
When the Jews crucified Jesus.
And around the ninth hour Jesus cried
With a loud voice:
My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?

And while bowing His head
He delivered His Spirit.

Jesus cried with a loud voice and said,
Into Thy hands I commend
My Spirit.

And while bowing His head
He delivered His Spirit.

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Tenebrae Factae Sunt  2

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