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A Systematic Campaign against Catholic Spain

Goya's Ghost reviewed by Hugh O'Reilly

It seems to me that the movie Goya’s Ghost is part of a campaign being promoted by film producers against Catholic Spain of the past. It is one of many - such as Pan's Labyrinth and Elizabeth - that follow the same lines. In my opinion, it should be seen as an effort of Protestant-Jewish inspiration to “revise” History, that is, to slander Catholic Spain, which both religions hate.

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Ines is arrested because she refused pork at a dinner party
The movie is an imaginary story set in the 18th century, presenting a psychopath monk, Lorenzo, who is a member of the board of Inquisition in Madrid. He is behind the condemnation of the daughter of a rich merchant, a beautiful young lady Ines who is tortured and imprisoned without any reasonable proof of guilt. She is condemned for having refused to eat pork at a dinner party… In the prison, he abuses her and she becomes pregnant.

He apostatizes from his religious vocation, flees to France, and there, he is initiated in the “lights” of the French Revolution. He returns to Madrid with Napoleon as the general prosecutor against the Inquisition. Napoleon's men kill the young lady’s family. Lorenzo tries to find her, but she had gone mad in the prison and had been set free some days before. The daughter, now a young woman, became a prostitute.

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Lorenzo enters the prison to abuse the young lady
Napoleon is put out of Spain by the English army; the royalists return to power, and the Inquisition is restored. So, the apostate monk and traitor is condemned to death and is executed in the public square. The mad woman watches among the multitude, and his daughter stands at the balcony, chatting with the royalists and some British military officers. She had become the mistress of one of English commanders.

The movie ends with a cart carrying off the dead body of the criminal, followed by the mad woman and some children who sing ditties about the execution of the bandit.

I don’t think the movie has any historical value. It is a confused anti-Catholic fictitious account trying to present almost every aspect of Spanish society as bad, except for the family of the girl, which was Jewish.


Blason de Charlemagne
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