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NEWS: September 29, 2023
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Bird’s Eye View of the News

Atila Sinke Guimarães
IS A NEW BRAZILIAN MASS COMING? – While all attention is turned toward the Vatican and its October Synod on Synodality, in another corner of the world a very important thing is about to happen and practically no one is watching.

Indeed, in Brazil, where the number of active Bishops is 400 (second only to Italy with 730, including the Vatican) and the number of Catholics is 123 million – the largest contingent in the world – a new Mass is in gestation and very close to its birth.

Well-informed sources who asked not to be revealed say that throughout Brazil the Bishops are calling the priests together to prepare them for a new Mass that is coming.

Francis in Aparecida

On July 24, 2013, Pope Francis preaching to Brazilian Bishops at the Aparecida Basilica

Brazil is divided into 19 episcopal Regions. My sources reported that each of these Regions is preparing to have its own particular Mass. I am not sure if this is true or if it was just presented this way to the priests to make the idea more acceptable to them. It could be that there will just be one Mass for the entire country. What I will relate below comes from the report I received from one of these Regions.

In Region East II, encompassing the State of Minas Gerais with 7 Archdioceses and 21 Dioceses, the Prelates are gathering all their priests to tell them to prepare for an enormous change that has been prepared for their present-day Novus Ordo Mass.

Although the entire liturgy will change, the most important innovations are the words of Consecration for the bread and the wine, which would change to accommodate the “sensibility” of each region.

In Minas Gerais, the new formula of the Consecration of the bread would become:

“And He gave it to His disciples saying: This is My love which will be delivered for you and for all …”

For the Consecration of the wine, the new formula would become:

“Take and drink of it all, this is the wine and the water of life, which will be poured in your hearts …”

These changes reportedly will be made public on October 12, 2023, the Feast Day of Our Lady Aparecida, Queen and Patroness of Brazil.

According to the same sources, these changes have been in preparation since 2004 during the pontificate of John Paul II, and today are finally ready to be put in practice with the full endorsement of Pope Francis.

This is, to this day, the data I received. I will now go on to comment on them.

Is this real?

The first question is: What degree of credibility should we give to this information?

Zaire Rite

The Zaire Rite at the Vatican; top, women invoke their ancestors, bottom, Francis endorses it

We have seen an African Zairian Rite Mass celebrated in St. Peter’s Basilica. The "Zaire Use" of the Roman Rite was said in Lingala, the language spoken in Congo, with much spontaneous clapping, dancing, singing and shouting.

We know that Francis encouraged the Mexican Bishops to propose a Mayan Rite, which was already sent to the Vatican for final approval.

We read in Querida Amazonia that the Pope is encouraging the South America Indian tribes to develop their own liturgical rite. Initially, he proposed adapting the entire liturgy to the idolatrous rituals of those Indians who adore the elements of nature as deities.

In Querida Amazonia he affirmed:

“The inculturation of Christian spirituality in the cultures of the original peoples can benefit in a particular way from the sacraments, since they unite the divine and the cosmic, grace and creation. In the Amazon region, the sacraments should not be viewed in discontinuity with creation. They ’are a privileged way in which nature is taken up by God to become a means of mediating supernatural life.’” (§ 81)

Then, dealing with the Sunday Liturgy of the Mass, Francis stated:

“In this sense, ’encountering God does not mean fleeing from this world or turning our back on ’ It means that we can take up into the liturgy many elements proper to the experience of indigenous peoples in their contact with nature, and respect native forms of expression in song, dance, rituals, gestures and symbols. The Second Vatican Council called for this effort to inculturate the liturgy among indigenous peoples; over fifty years have passed and we still have far to go along these lines.” (§ 82)

With these precedents, I do not see any inconsistency between the predicted New Brazilian Mass with its changed words of Consecration and today’s papal general guidelines.

I would say that the information I transcribed has all the appearance of truth. If by chance it is not announced and applied this coming October, as my source reports, this could be due to some reactions from the priests, and not from the Bishops or the Vatican.

Immediate consequences

The new words of the Consecration mentioned above break completely with the entire past of the Catholic Church.

Until now the Novus Ordo Missae of Paul VI has tried to maintain appearances and pretended to have some continuity with the Tridentine Mass. This New Brazilian Mass abandons any such care. It is a blatant break with the past; all links are broken.

Nonetheless, it is the normal outcome of the Novus Ordo Mass. It is the natural debouchment of the river of changes that came from Pau VI’s Liturgical Reform.

In this episode the progressivists throw out the window the bi-millennial respect – not to say the adoration they should have – for the words of Our Lord. In fact, if the words change, the entire Eucharistic doctrine of the Church loses its meaning.


Protestant pastors administer ‘sacraments’

Actually, if the formulae of the Canon can be modified to please the “sensibilities” of this or that audience, the Mass is no longer the renewal of the Sacrifice of Our Lord Jesus Christ. There is no longer Transubstantiation. This ”mass” becomes a vague remembrance of the Last Supper to be reenacted according to the preferences of the theater’s audience. I see no difference between this “mass” and a Protestant service.

But it is not only the Holy Eucharist that is abolished, the entire Sacramental Theology itself, which demands a precise formula and exact matter to effect the Sacraments, is also razed to the ground.

In these new formulae of the Consecration the Conciliar Church shows its real face and appears in all its ugliness.

If this step is taken, Catholics will be facing a true cataclysm.

While the reaction against the Novus Ordo Mass has divided Catholics into factions – progressivists, middle-of-the-road, conservatives, traditionalists and all types of sede-vacantists – this New Brazilian Mass promises to bring this fragmenting to a zenith.

The Vatican and Prelates most probably are counting on a general imbecile/apathetic acceptation of this Mass, similar to the compliance they saw people make with the covid lockdowns and the corresponding vaccines. They may be very mistaken…

A veritable religious chaos can erupt from this change that could well spin out of their control. The spell may come against the sorcerer. The tables may turn.

Let us keep our eyes peeled on this Brazilian experiment and see what happens.


Blason de Charlemagne
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