NEWS:  June 15, 2002

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Bird’s Eye View of the News

Atila Sinke Guimarães

THE SECRETS DO NOT MATCH – Researching other data on the Internet, I came across some important words of John Paul II. Unfortunately, I do not have the necessary time to look for the primary source of that statement, since I am working full time on my next book Animus Delendi II that should be released soon. Given the importance of the subject and my lack of time, I ask the reader for some help: if you have the original document for the information mentioned below, please send me a xerox copy (PO Box 23135 – Los Angeles – CA – 90023). I thank you in advance.

When John Paul II visited Fulda (Germany) on November 17-18, 1981, he answered some questions of a group of people. Several of those present recorded the questions and answers. Their names and the words of the Pontiff were printed in Vox Fidei magazine (the Italian edition, Issue no. 10, 1981). This was the question and answer that referred to Fatima:

Question: “What about the third secret of Fatima? It already should have been published in 1960.”

Answer of John Paul II: “Due to its shocking content and so as not to allow the global power of Communism to interfere with the affairs of the Church, my Predecessors gave confidential information in a diplomatic way. In addition, it should be enough for every Christian to know what follows: when you read that oceans will flood whole continents, that millions of men will die very suddenly in a few minutes …. If this is known, it isn’t really necessary to make the publication of this secret …. Many people want to know it just for curiosity and sensationalism: but they forget that ‘knowing’ also involves responsibility… but they want to satisfy their own curiosity. This is dangerous when, at the same time, they don’t want to do anything, saying: ‘It is useless to do anything to improve the situation!’”

Then the Pope took the Rosary and said: “Here is the medicine against this illness! Pray, pray, and don’t question further. Recommend all the rest to Our Lady!”

If these words referring to a universal chastisement that has been prepared are true, and I believe they are, here would be the confirmation of what the faithful always thought regarding Fatima’s third message. These words fit perfectly with the previous revealed parts. But also, if they are true, then the “new third message” of Cardinals Joseph Ratzinger and Angelo Sodano was incomplete. Even more, it anesthetized the healthy reaction innumerable Catholics would have in knowing Our Lady’s warning.

Why should the Cardinals avoid the dissemination of the true message when the Mother of God clearly commanded that all Catholics should know it? The only answer I can envisage is that probably the third part of the message mentions the crisis in the Church caused by Vatican II and the role of the conciliar Popes in it. Hence almost all the present day ecclesiastical structure would appear as an accomplice to this crisis. For the progressivist authority to evade the true message by publicizing a partial one along with a delusive interpretation would be a way to save its skin, disobey the Holy Virgin, and fool Catholic public opinion.

However, it is indispensable to note, it is not a light thing to challenge the command of the Mother of God… They ought to be prepared for the consequences.

NEW MOSES – The role of Mr. Eiffi Eitam is escalating very quickly. When he was battling the Syrian tanks at the Golan Hills during the War of Yon Kippur, he had the impression that he was the arm of God to save Israel, “the soul of the world.” After various other military assignments, he returned to the civil life to found a small movement. Recently he was elected chief of the Religious National Party that brings together what Israel has of the most harsh and radical. The aim of the party is clear: “to assemble the supporters of modern society who seek their energy in Jewish orthodox traditions and the partisans of a combative Zionism that send their children armed with weapons to study the Torah and the sciences.”

Another wing of ultra-orthodox Judaism does not follow Mr. Eitam in this particular “cultural” endeavor, since it disapproves of the military service and does not recognize any positive contribution from the secular sphere. Notwithstanding, in the political realm Eiffi Eitam is receiving the votes of all the religious parties. His aims: To restore the borders of Old Israel, “suggesting” that the Palestinians – by force, if necessary – relocate to Sinai and to Jordan; and to establish Judaism as the foundation for the civil power. On March 22, 2002, Mr. Eitam was invited by prime minister Ariel Sharon to become a member of the government. On March 29, Israeli army invaded the cities of Naplouse, Djenine, Qalkilia, Tulkarem, Bethlehem, and Ramallah. On April 8, he became a minister without a ministry as a special member of the Security Cabinet. Some days before being invited by Sharon to join his cabinet, Eitam was asked what he would do if he were Minister of Defense. First, he said, he would topple the Palestinian Authority; second, he would take over all the free Palestinian cities; third, he would make it clear that a Palestinian State will never be born on the Western banks of River Jordan.

About his future plans Eitam is quite modest. He declared: “My dream is not to become prime minister, but the chief of the people. I want to be much more than Ben Gurion, I want to become a new Moses,” who would persuade the Jews all around the world that they are “the conscience of the world” and that the Israeli land is “the Temple” for universal redemption (Actualité des Religions, June 2002, pp 38-9).

It is necessary to keep abreast of what is going on in the Holy Land where Our Lord Jesus Christ was born, lived, crucified, and died. Where the true universal Redemption took place 2000 years ago.

LOSER TO THE PROTESTANTS – It is never too late to comment on an important news item that generally went unnoticed. Origins (January 31, 2002) published the official document of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops on lay preaching. Here is the main text:

“The lay faithful can be called to cooperate in the exercise of the ministry of the word (Canon 759). In accord with Canon 766 the USCCB hereby decrees that the lay faithful may be permitted to exercise this ministry in churches and oratories, with due regard for the following provisions: If necessity requires it in certain circumstances or it seems useful in particular cases, the diocesan Bishop can admit lay faithful to preach, to offer spiritual conferences or give instructions in churches, oratories or other sacred places within the Diocese, when he judges it to be to the spiritual advantage of the faithful.”
Therefore, from now on in the Catholic churches in the U.S. it is officially permitted for men and women to preach. After Vatican II these changes were successively introduced: lay people attending Mass inside the presbytery of the church, lay Eucharistic ministers distributing Communion, lay readers at the Mass, lay people – mostly women – directing songs and “liturgical gymnastics” (sit-stand-sit-stand), lay councils administrating parishes, nuns or lay “pastoral agents” directing some parishes without priests. Now, we have men and women officially preaching in the churches. No doubt, it is another measure to make Catholics more like Protestants.


Blason de Charlemagne
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