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Urbi et Orbi 2023

People leaving the Conciliar Church

The photos you see above and in the first row below were taken on December 25, 2023, when Pope Francis gave his blessing Urbi et Orbe to the city and the world, which is the blessing the Popes traditionally give at Christmas and Easter.

If you pay attention to the multitude gathered in St. Peter's Square, you can note the people can be seen only as far back as the obelisk and the Christmas tree. After that point there are just a few persons behind those landmarks who came for the Pope's blessing.

The multitude actually only starts to gather behind some barriers placed at a good distance from the two statues of St. Peter and St. Paul in front of the Basilica. Between those barriers and the Pope's balcony there are only the security guards. Also, the crowd is divided into several blocs of persons so that there are aisles for a vehicle to travel through them without obstacle.

We imagine that if those barriers were not there, all the persons present could easily fit into that section of Vatican Square directly in front of the Basilica and the two lateral buildings, without the need to enter the circular part of St. Peter's Square.

Now, in the second and third rows below, we reproduce photos of the Urbi et Orbe papal blessings in 1946 and 1956 given by Pope Pius XII. These photos were, like the photos of Francis' blessing, taken from the same central balcony in St. Peter's Basilica.

If you pay attention, there are no barriers anywhere to contain the multitude. The people could come and leave at will anywhere in the Square. The great multitude filled the entire Square and spilled over onto the Via della Conciliazione, the central avenue facing the balcony.

At the time of Pius XII, the Catholic Church presented herself as a divine institution turned toward the glory of God. She was not concerned about adapting herself to the world; rather she taught that the world should adapt to her. This is, indeed, the message written on the obelisk at the center of the Square, which is topped by a Cross. The message is: Stat Crux dum volvitur mundi – The Cross stands still while the world turns around it.

After Vatican II the conciliar Popes abandoned that position and made a Church turned toward the people and the modern world.

The result is that the multitudes are no longer attracted to the Church. As we can see, the people have lost confidence in the Conciliar Church and the world has lost respect for it.

Urbi et Orbi

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Posted December 31, 2023


Blason de Charlemagne
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