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Reggae dance 1

Flamboyant priest initiates children in Rastafarian cult

Wearing a flamboyant vestment of Jamaican inspiration, Fr. Mario Salvatori, staged a show-Mass at St. Joseph the Worker Church in Thornhill, Ontario, Canada. It was yet another abuse of the liturgy, one of many that the Novus Ordo Mass encourages priests to do.

His goal was to initiate the children of his parish into the Jamaican dance of the Rastafarian cult. He announced that he had a converted friend from the Rastafari who composed a Reggae song to Jesus, using the Jamaican rhythm of that sect.

Salvatori presented the "Christafari" song to his parishioners as his preferred music. He justified having it played during Mass, saying, "If an African is made Pope, you're going to be dancing a lot." He added: "Today we're going to practice your hip movements and see if we can de-program you, because it's not a sin to dance in church."

So, Salvatori commenced the highly sensual dance, inviting children and adolescents to join him.

With precedents like this, no one should be surprised to see occultism increasing in the Conciliar Church. It is also not difficult to conclude that this priestly behavior can easily slip into pedophilia or homosexuality.

Video available here.

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Reggae dance 4
Photos from video seen first in Call Me Jorge


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 16, 2018

Our Lady of La Salette,
 restore the Holy Church.