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Give me five

'Give me five' - New papal greeting

In a three-hour meeting on June 24, 2014, with a delegation of American Protestants at the Vatican, including lunch at Santa Marta Inn, Pope Francis greeted televangelist James Robison with the informal-slang hand slap known as "Give me five," above.

Here is how The Free Dictionary online defines the term : "Give me five! (mainly American informal), something that you say when you want someone to hit your open hand with his, in order to greet him or to show how pleased you are - 'Hi there, little buddy, give me five!'"

So, now we have the Vicar of Christ, the Monarch of the Catholic Church, who is not satisfied with breaking in multiple ways the bi-millennial protocol of the papacy, but takes another step in informality. He introduces the most egalitarian and vulgar hand shake known as if it were appropriate behavior for the Pope.

This is another symbolic blow against Catholic Tradition by the man who increasingly appears to be a prefigure of the Antichrist.

Below, other photos of the reception given to the Protestants.

"Give me five" started back in the jazz age as a fairly popular gesture amongst jazz musicians. It has been popularized recently by groups like the Japanese rock band AKB48, whose video can be viewed here.

Francis with Evangelical

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Posted July 20, 2014

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