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soccer losservatore romano

Womens' soccer featured in Vatican paper

In clear support of feminism, L'Osservatore Romano (August 11, 2013) featured the picture above on its first page to commemorate World Indigenous Peoples' Day, which is celebrated on August 10.

The news report on the event transcribed the words of Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the UN, in a letter he addressed to the Conference of Indigenous Peoples. In it he promised the indigenous peoples of all countries "to reinforce partnerships that preserve their cultural strength, reduce poverty, and promote social inclusion and sustainable development." He also guaranteed "the participation of indigenous peoples in decision-making processes at all levels."

To illustrate these demagogic and revolutionary words by the leader of the UN, the Vatican paper found nothing better than to feature a photo of a womens' soccer match in Lima, Peru, which took place during commemorations of World Indigenous Peoples' Day there.

It was a way for L'Osservatore Romano to promote equality among all the peoples along with equality between both sexes. We could not expect anything else from the post-conciliar Vatican...

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted Septebmer 15, 2013

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