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Photo of the Week

Masons  Good Friday 01

Freemasons take part in Good Friday procession

The Diocese of San Pablo in South Manila, the Philippines, counts 2 million Catholics. The Holy Week ceremonies - including the Good Friday  procession through the streets - are very attended. This year, however, with the full knowledge of the religious authorities, a large and smilling delegation of Freemasons also took part in the procession. The Freemasons can be distinguished by the ritual aprons they are wearing.

As we know, Masonry divides its members in thre basic categories: Masters, companions and apprentices. In the photo above, we can distinguish in the first row some companions wearing their full symbols - the white with blue-trimmed apron and collarettes. We see apprentices with plain white aprons and no collarettes. Among the group is one master with a dark blue apron who also leaves off the collarette to look more casual and relaxed.

Below first row, another shot of the event, with the Masons smiling at the onlookers. Second row, leading the  procession were majorettes in tall white boots and short skirts showing their legs, quite unsuitable apparel for a Good Friday procession. In the third row, as the procession returns to the church, we see one of the floats - the Baptism of Our Lord - being carried by the faithful; in the background is the Cathedral of St. Paul in Manila.

Masons Good Friday -02
Photos from Rorate Coeli


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 6, 2012

Our Lady of La Salette,
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