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Buddhists in Santiago de Compostela 1

Buddhists received at Santiago of Compostela Cathedral
Last winter a delegation of Korean Buddhist monks was received at Santiago of Compostela Cathedral, Spain, with all consideration by the monsignor in charge of the Cathedral.

The monks were allowed access to the main altar where they prayed. They also were permitted to place incense into the famous giant thurible of the Cathedral, as shown above. A souvenir photo of the visit and an exchange of gifts with the monsignor at the sacristy are documented in the first and second rows below.

In the third and fourth rows we see Benedict XVI on November 10, 2010, pictured in Buddhist poses during his visit to the Cathedral. Certainly an inspiration for the Spanish religious authorities to follow the same path.
Buddhists in Santiago de Compostela 1

Photos from Radio Cristiandad / Internet

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 17, 2011

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