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Bishop Erwin Krautler 01

The missionary Bishop of Xingu
The Bishop of Altamira, State of Pará, Brazil, is Austrian-born Erwin Krautler, above, appointed in 1981 by John Paul II. Altamira is the center of the Xingu River territory, where remnants of Indian tribes still live. To stress his duty to evangelize those Indians, the Church gave the Bishop of Altamira the additional title of Bishop of the Missionary Prelature of the Xingu.

Bishop Krautler is a partisan of Liberation Theology; hence, he promotes class struggle of the Indians against the whites, the landless against proprietors, the poor against the wealthy. To advance this agenda, Krautler found it expedient to present a plan to build a hydroelectric dam on the Xingu River as a conspiracy of the white man to exploit the Indians and a capitalist plot to destroy the region's rain forests. Thus, the Bishop became the instigator in the Indians' fight for their 'rights.'

He went so far as to encourage the Indians 'to declare war' against the white man and threaten them with their machetes. He also never lost an opportunity to promote public demonstrations against the hydroelectric project. In the last 15 years, plans for the power-plant went back and forth under discussion. Finally, in March 2011 the plan received court approval to go ahead. This brings Krautler back to center stage to protest that decision.

Above main picture and insert, during pastoral visits Bishop Krautler embraces topless native women in authentic John Paul II-style.

Below first row, the machete-bearing woman leading the "declaration of war" of the Indians seems to be none other than the Bishop's good friend in the first photo... Second row, Krautler at a demonstration against the power-plant accusing its directors of being criminals. Third row, during a meeting in 1989 to discuss the project, another topless woman from the Bishop's grassroots community threatens the main speaker with a machete.

Fourth row left, in March 2009 the Austrian government confers on the Bishop a decoration of honor: the Grand Gold Star Medal for his service to the poor; center, in October 2009 the Department of Theology of the University of Salzburg, Austria, gives an award to Krautler for his work to preserve Creation; right, in 2010, the Right Livelihood Award, called the alternative Nobel Prize, is given to the Bishop for his fight for ecology and the planet.

Are you shocked by these pictures?
Don't just complain and do nothing. You can take an action.

Send your protest to Bishop Erwin Krautler at this email:

Send a short message to Cardinal Marc Ouellet,
Prefect of the Congregation for the Bishops,
and ask him to remove Bishop Krautler from his post.
Bishop Erwin Krautler 02

Bishop Erwin Krautler 03


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 15, 2011

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