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Boston Liturgical Dance 01

The Passion according to VerEecke
Above, you are seeing a represention of the Passion performed inside a Catholic Church by the Boston Liturgical Dance Ensemble directed by Jesuit Fr. Robert VerEecke. He is established in Chesnut Hill, Massachusetts.

The personages represent Our Lord, Our Lady in the foreground and Mary Magdalene at left, in a quite indecent pose.

Below first row, the affliction of Magdalene and the prayer of Christ, now off the Cross. Second row, Christ (VanEecke) is risen, takes off his shirt and dances in front of the altar.

This blasphemous performance is regularly presented in Boston to "increase the Ignatian spirituality." Needless to say that it has the full approval of the Ordinary.

Boston Liturgical Dance 04

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Blason de Charlemagne
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April 4, 2010

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