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Nagari Parish church inauguration 01

Hindu-Catholic syncretism in Bangladesh
On December 12, 2008, Archbishop Paulinus Costa of Dhaka, Bangladesh, inaugurated a new church in the Parish of Nagari. Above, you see the Offertory at the first Mass in that church. Girls in colored dresses offer trays of flower petals before the altar. We know that it is not good to have women bringing the Offertory gifts, but this is not our focus today.

What we would like to stress here is that those Catholic girls are meant to represent gopis. They were, according to the Hindu mythology, the young women who welcomed Krishna when he appeared from eternity in a figure of a black prince playing a flute willing to sing and dance with them. Those deities, the gopis, danced and did several other things that pleased Krishna in order to attain immortality.

Many Hindu sects, especially the Hare Krishna, have daily dances - called aroti and devadashi - performed every morning and evening in their temples to pay homage to Krishna and those deities.

It is outrageous that Archbishop Costa could find nothing better for the first Mass in his new church than to have Catholic girls adopting that pagan ritual, dancing and offering flowers to Our Lord as if He were Krishna.

This syncretism of cults is certainly condemned by the Catholic Church. Nonetheless it was encouraged by Vatican II and has been fostered by the Conciliar Church.

Below first row, Catholic girls performing an aroti dance before entering Nagari's new church. Second row, Hindu girls offering flowers to Krishna at the Sri Gaura festival, 2009.

Third row, a depiction of Krishna dancing with the gopis in a Hindu temple. Fourth row, a public procession of the Hare Krishna sect with a cart carrying dancing deities. Fifth row, Archbishop Costa consecrating the altar of the new church.

Nagari parish inauguration

Hare Krishna procession

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March 14, 2010

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