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Csorna Abbey 01

Norbertine Abbey in Hungary hosts pop-rock concert
In Winter 2008, St. Michael's Abbey, the Premonstratensian monastery in Csorna, Hungary, received two trios of young women to perform in its church. Mona Lisa, a popular rising soprano trio, and Gracia, three trained violin players, performed in both casual dress above - tank tops exposing their bellies and tight jeans - and in revealing, sensual formal apparel, below first row.

The audience was seated in the monks' choir stalls, as one can observe in the second row below, and in the church pews. The repertoire included rock hits, traditional Hungarian songs and the Ave Maria by Gounod. In the last row below, you can see two shots of St. Michael Abbey in Csorna, Hungary, where the concert took place.

Progressivism advances as much it can among the conservative Hungarian Catholic people.

To watch a video clip of the performances, click here.
Csorna Abbey 07a

Csorna Abbey 08a

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Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 30, 2009

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