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Karol Wojtyla fishing

A Casual Card. Wojtyla on a Fishing Excursion
As Rome makes every possible effort to beatify John Paul II, it seems opportune to bring to public attention one more picture of Card. Wojtyla's frequent excursions in the mountains near Krakow, his Archdiocese. The tight shorts of the Prelate, the indifferent exhibition of his legs, and his overall casual apparel seem most unbefitting to a Prince of the Church and a person who may be presented as a model of sanctity for all Catholics.

Would you like to make a test? Print a small copy of this picture and add it to the holy cards you normally keep in your Missal or prayer book. Then show it to your more pious friends to see whether they believe Card. Wojtyla's attitude inspires them with thoughts of eternal life and leads them to walk on the way of the Cross opened by Our Lord Jesus Christ. Possibly you will not find a unanimous approval...

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 16, 2009

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