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Motorcycle in Catholic Church

Motorcycle inside a Catholic Church in the Netherlands
On June 20, 2009, a day for youth promoted by Bishop Franciscus Wiertz of Roermond, the Netherlands, started with a motorcycle entering the main aisle of Holy Spirit Church, above. Its rider, Albert Willems, gave a "sermon," below first row, in which he pretended that "God is our aerodynamic strength. To live from the Holy Spirit increases our speed before God, just like with our vehicles [when we use special fuel]."

Other similar speeches were delivered to the youth before a band which performed from the altar, second row. Afterwards, there were outdoor events, and the day ended with a Mass by Auxiliary Bishop Everardus Johannes de Jong, last row.

Even though motorcycles are not bad in themselves, to allow them inside a Catholic church is extremely inappropriate, coming close to the desecration of a religious building.

If such a thing would have happened under the pontificate of Pius XII, such initiative would normally have been attributed to Masons or other enemies of the Church. After Vatican II, however, these offenses are promoted by the ministers of the Catholic cult, like the Bishops of Roermond, and considered just another adaptation of the Church to the modern world...
Motorcycle in Catholic Church

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Posted June 28, 2009

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