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Jonh Paul II archbishop Runcie

Mixed blessings
Before Vatican II, we were taught that heretics were representatives of the Devil because, by denying one or more of the dogmas, they shredded the wholeness and integrity of the Catholic Faith, which is the highest reflection of the Word Incarnate, Our Lord Jesus Christ. This solid doctrine prevailed for centuries. Councils established this basic incompatibility, Doctors explained the reasons, martyrs shed their blood, and heroes endured persecutions to defend this truth.

The conciliar Popes however, have set aside this same truth by engaging in a false ecumenism with heretics and schismatics.

One of the practical consequences of such ecumenism is that we see these Popes giving joint blessings alongside the heads of those heresies and schisms. For example, above, John Paul II at the cathedral of Canterbury in 1982, gives a blessing together with archbishop Robert Runcie, head of the Anglican sect; below, in Rome, he gives a blessing with Schismatic patriarch Demetrios of Constantinople in 1987.

Since we believe that those leaders certainly represent evil, we have the blatant contradiction of persons receiving simultaneoulsy the blessing of Christ and that of the Devil.

It is an inevitable consequence of the virtual abolition between good and evil made by Vatican II.

John Paul II & Demetrios Constantinople


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 1, 2009

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