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Photo of the Week

Bishops breaking ground for the construction of a Cathedral     pagans blessing the ground where the Cathedral will be built

On May 21, 2005, Bishop Allen Vigneron of Oakland and Bishop Emeritus John Cummins presided over the groundbreaking of the future Catholic Cathedral of Christ the Light in Oakland, California.

Pagans were invited to carry out their rituals at the ground breaking launching ceremony of this building dedicated to Catholic worship.

Top left, the two Prelates symbolically give birth to the future Cathedral.

Top right, prior to the groundbreaking, Nigerian women perform an Animist ritual sweeping the floor to "purify" the place and bring the "protection" of the spirits they worship.

Below left, Buddhists incensing the area and executing their pagan rites
to invoke their "gods" over the building.  Right, an Indian woman performs a ritual dance and spreads petals over the place where the Catholic Cathedral will be built.

St. Thomas Aquinas teaches us:
"'All the gods of the Gentiles are devils' (Psalm 95:5) This [worship] is the greatest and most detestable of all sins. Even now there are many who transgress this Commandment, such as those who practice divinations and fortune-telling. Such things, according to St. Augustine, cannot be done without some kind of pact with the Devil. 'I would not that you should be made partakers with devils' (1 Cor. 10:20)".

More on St. Thomas on this topic
What kind of "protection" will be given to this building established upon the cult of devils?

Pagans blessing cathedral ground     Pagans making offerings over the Cathedral designated ground,     Photos by Greg Tarczynski

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