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John paul II without shoes in the company of Muslims   Queen Elizabeth without shoes in a Sikh temple

Inside the Vatican, June 2001blank.gif - 807 Bytes Point de Vue, October 27, 2004

Queen Elizabeth adopts JPII-style to enter pagan temple

Above left, John Paul II took off his shoes to enter a Muslim mosque in Damascus in May 2001. At right, Queen Elizabeth, following this precedent, took off her shoes  to enter a sikh temple in London in October 2004. Below left, Prince Phillip of Edinburg wore a bandanna in the same temple.  Perhaps he was following the example of Cardinal Wojtyla, who had the habit to wear such headgear on his morally carefree camping trips.

The magazine Point de Vue qualified this visit of Elizabeth without shoes and Phillip wearing a bandanna as something "surrealistic."

How should we classify similar initiatives of John Paul II?
We leave the answer for the reader to supply.

Prince Phillip of Edinburgh in a bandana  Wojtyla wearing a bandana on a hiking trip
Point de Vue, October 27, 2004blank.gif - 807 BytesOggi, January 26, 1979


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 5, 2004

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