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Pope Paul VI flanked by Fanfani and U Thant

Paul VI received at the UN by Fanfani and U Thant

October 4, 1965 - Paul VI's visit to the United Nations
Above, he was received by UN president Amintore Fanfani (left), and its secretary U Thant. Fanfani was known as a man committed to the Masonic ideals of the United Nations. However, some of his books are being spread without reserve in the United States by not-very-well informed traditional Catholics.

Paul VI in a chair before the assembled UN

Fanfani (center at the table above), speaking on behalf of the United Nations greeted Paul VI and asked him "to induce all Nations to do their best to make this Organization [the UN] become a truly universal instrument of peace."

The UN gives Paul VI a standing ovation

Above, Paul VI received a standing ovation at the end of his talk,
in which he affirmed:

"Our message desires to be, above all, a solemn, moral ratification of this lofty Organization [the UN].This message is born from our historic experience. It is as a specialist in humanity that we bring to this Organization the approval of our more recent predecessors, the entire Catholic episcopate, and our own, convinced as we are that this Organization represents the obligatory pathway for modern civilization and world peace."

Pictures and text from La visita di Paolo VI alle Nazioni Unite, Libreria Editrice Vaticana 1966


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 23, 2004

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