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Pacifist Enragement

You Should Be Excommunicated

Hate Mail
An old adage: "What is freely asserted is freely denied"

I deny your "reasons" to reject the Novus Ordo.

I left the Dominican Order in 1977 because Vatican II wiped out the Order of Preachers which I dearly loved. We lost the Dominican, Dominican calendar, Dominican rituals, Gregorian chant, hundreds of years old traditions. Out the door!

But I cannot comprehend your hatred of Holy Mother Church. The Tridentine Mass was only ONE form of Mass. If you asked the Apostles what "Rite" they used in offering Mass, they would be dumbfounded!

You guys are nuts and ought to be excommunicated for all the lies you spread among the Faithful. They are confused enough without all your heretical blabbering!

Go to Mass !!


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Hate Mail
Are you really that stupid or you have any brain left inside your head? What a shame


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The people you call Masons are not Masons. Why the lies?


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I just stumbled across your website. You're obviously hateful idiots.


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The Stone Age

Back to the stone ages with your Islamic friends

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Snakes, Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

Hate Mail
When one writes on historical abuses in a light manner, they lie. When one slanders and exaggerates the faults of others, they lie. When one writes negatively in a manner beyond any narrow-mindedness, but simply malicious in intent, one lies.

1. The negative Christianity your website, and indeed, the negativity which you support, is a cruelty in itself, and its sole purpose in being created is most likely simply to make others like you. Such is Pharisee-like, and Jesus warned against such behavior in life, when retaliating against the Pharisee's "Ye who go across the oceans, just to make another like you."

It is clear that this has been done by many of the saints of the Catholic Church and, indeed, has been seemingly the whole purpose of the Catholic Church throughout history, to reform the thought patterns and ultimately make others conform to a certain guideline of behavior. This is never justified, as the 'reformer' never asks permission to reform, they simply act vilely as imposters and make their way into a certain atmosphere, like a snake.

Yet, what I have written is certainly already shrugged off by any 'traditional Catholic,' or any who conform to this new and odd sect, as Tradition always trumps the word of Christ, and indeed even Scripture, as Scripture isn't even worth reading for the Catholic, as he has Tradition. Tradition: the one thing so condemned by the one who in life never condemned any.

2. Hypocrisy is also to be found in your website. The simple ambiguity of the section, 'Lives of the Saints' proves this, as the saints are so incredibly morally distinct. The Professor who lectured on the material, would justify this ambiguity by explaining the ensemble of different saints makes a beautiful scene, a beautiful faith; 'And together it was very good.' However, this is wrong; these are not simply personality differences.

Indeed, if the ambiguity of the saints was simply caused by personality differences, the Faith would be a beautiful thing; however, they are not. The differences are Moral Differences. For example, one saint (And I will not name any, as I never took a liking to memorizing the saints' lives and names) will live in poverty and a spirit of love for neighbor and God, seemingly living a life in fairly good accordance with the Gospels. Yet, another saint will be a Grand Inquisitor and live a life of hypocrisy, condemning any man for simply thinking differently; and like any Wolf in sheep clothing, he will justify his behavior, actions and, indeed, Hate, by disguising himself behind the veil of vain Piety.

Therefore, hypocrisy is rampant in your website, making it indeed, all the more Pharisee-like, with justified cruelty on the behalf of Piety. And if your face is in some grimace, with the fake thoughts of, 'What is this man writing about?, you are a fool, and I hope you are simply a fool, for it would be better that you be a fool, than a malicious half-breed of a wolf and snake: Wormtongue!

3. This paragraph will focus upon the seemingly unlimited amount of self-righteousness your website is capable of. For example, when writing upon Luther, and his protest against the Catholic Church, you will take every measure to attempt to slander his name. (Out of fear?)

However, the point being, your website never condemns itself, in order to make its hateful slandering look at least void of self-righteousness and hateful motive. Why is it that no noble behavior at all is ever witnessed by the Tradition in Action team? Why is it that a column never is laid upon the side of one your many slandering articles, declaring your own past and present faults? Is honor and noble behavior below Tradition in Action and traditional Catholics? Does Piety, which seemingly includes hatred of any who think differently, justify your hateful writings, lack of honor, lack of pity, lack of mercy, and seemingly self-righteousness? As if you were not self righteous, you would never dare condemn another, no matter how foul, vile or sinful they were in life, lest you should be condemned yourself and your faults one day be made noticeable. Can you not see your own faults? Where is your Christian virtue? Where is your honor?

Tradition for the sake of continued Hypocrisy, Slander, Cruelty, and vain Piety. Jesus Christ, your declared founder, fought against these things; he fought against You: Pharisees.

How many lives are you ruining each day that you publish your work?


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 31, 2011

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