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Homosexual Hysteria

Jesus Was "Queer"

Hate Mail
I know its uncomfortable for you tradition-only folks, but the HIDDEN Gospel of Mark - let alone the open book of 'John' 'the BELOVED' of Jesus - TELLS that JESUS was quite easy with BOTH whores and queers because HE WAS VERY "loose" in sexual behaviour.

So why not run at least a frank and admitting THIS fact about Jesus and see what comes in...??

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I Despise You

Hate Mail

My name is S.E., and I identify as a Lesbian.

The so called "facts" (here) on your website disgust me. You take the worst cases of everything, and blow it up to fit your needs. Also, do you not realize 67% of homosexuals identify as CHRISTIAN.

I really despise people like this, because all they do is promote ignorance. If gays were the socially accepted lifestyle and heterosexuals had to fight for marriage rights, there would be no fight. They would have been allowed marriage rights.

Homosexuals are not bigots who like to keep others from being happy. You really need to talk to some homosexuals and actually humanize them. By dehumanizing them, you make it easier for yourself to hate.

Anyway, best wishes

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Go to the Pits of Hell

Hate Mail
I hope your clergy members keep defaming themselves in front of the world and therefore ruining your reputation.

Homosexuality isn’t what is tearing families apart, homophobia is. Think for a minute, what you’re teaching is hate, lies, and to be honest, ungodly ways, which is tearing families apart for hating those within their own family who identify with the LGBT culture. Think long and hard about that statement you bastards. Your integrity is in the pits of hell and it was your own doing that sent it there.

You can blame others for the mounting failures of your church, but look inward (that’s what god wants right?). It is your own hatred, your own closed mindedness and your own bigotry that is causing such failures.

Welcome to the 21st century douche-bags, don’t know when you’ll open your eyes, hearts, and minds to the fact that homosexuality is NATURAL. 400, read it, 400 other species exhibit homosexual behaviors, now surely god must have had a hand in creating at least some of them. Think, use your brains, not your over-masculine, testosterone [bad word]. It’s been proven that males form their world view on how “manly” they are against other males. Thus they think with their [bad word], which I’m sure, given all the uproar from your camp, you must have fairly small ones. Seems to me like your trying to make up for something.

I know someone has already told this to you but go get a gun (Your group is big on guns too) point right between your eyes, and pull the trigger. See, how happy the world is now.

Just an aside, I do not believe in a god, or a higher-being. I do believe that I have to use the word god here seeing as that is the only way you’ll listen.

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Shame on You

Hate Mail
You there.

I’m sorry but this page is discriminating homosexuals and has so many stereotypes. you should be ashames of yourself

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Hate Mail
I strongly disagree with the statistics and so called "facts" you have posted about homosexuality on you website. This are clearly Bias and should not be considered actual facts because you and I both know that over half of it is absolute [bad word]!

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Hate Mail
You should be ashamed of yourself. You are a doctor whether it is PHd or Md....you are very sad and need to identify with your own sexuality before you start to judge others. I am guessing that you either have your own homosexual tendancies, have been severely disciplined about being a real man or perhaps extremely close-minded in believing that people are turned gay....

REALLY, you don't have that friend, neighbor, cousin, uncle who has been pretty much gay their entire life.....because if you don't, well then I think that you are full of [bad word] and really in denial....and BTW if your son or daughter or niece/nephew is gay....LOVE them anyway.....treat them with dignity and respect anyway.....show them support anyway....because even if you dont believe it, like it or agree with it, it is a part of life and has been throughout history, so get used to it......I am not gay, I love all people and I am married with a son.....so if you want to judge me ask me questions first.....if I have misjusdeged you, send me questions or tell me what you disagree with and I will ask you

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Hypocritical, Judgmental

Hate Mail
I'm just wondering...

If you could produce one piece of raw evidence for anything you write about. Anything written within the last decade that confirms your statistics, especially on the statistics of homesexuals. I know you say you don't respond to hate mail because you feel you don't need to, but I think it's because you honestly have no basis to anything you say. If you don't respond, I will assume I'm right and laugh at the Catholic faith as I often have before. Enjoy Hell, you arrogant, hypocritical, judgemental, lying, "religous" nut-jobs.

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Three Orientations

Hate Mail
Homosexuality is one of three main sexual orientation: heterosexuality , homosexuality, bisexuality. All these three are natural behaviors of humans and animals.

There are lot of gay people throught history and they will be in the future also. Why didn't jessus marry at an early age?

In their customes mens should be married by early twenty.


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Outdated Statistics

Hate Mail
To whom this may concern,

I am a catholic college student from Minnesota and I read the homosexual statistics on your website. All I can say is how disappointing that we live in a world where people use such outdated and unreliable facts.

First of all, with the amount of research that has been done on homosexuality I think you can find some facts that are a little more recent than the early 90's. Most of your sources are from studies in the 1970's and 80's, and even a study from 1948. Really? You are using facts from a study done 60 years ago when gays where still shunned by society and they obviously could not get reliable informaiton to prove your point?

Your fact about a judge saying half the murders in large cities are from homosexuals is obviously wrong and is a comment said by one person 16 years ago. Or you claim the $300,000 to take care of an AIDS patient is the reason for the rise in health care. I really don't think .5% of this population is why health care is so high. Why don't we just blame it on obese people who have heart attacks and diseases or people who develop cancer? I'm sure those people combined make up more than .5% of this population.

There are also facts talking about groups such as NAMBLA and a few facts about other sick things a few gays participate in, I will not defend these disgusting actions. However, I know better than to stereotype an entire group from the actions of a few. I know Catholic priests would not appreciate me saying they are obviously child molesters because they are priests, from recent events. The same goes with gays. There are a few sick ones, but 99% are not sex offenders.

I could go on about what else is wrong with these facts, but I hope you can take a closer look at it and see how flawed it really is. Please let me know the thoughts this orgainization has about the credibility of the sources and how they justify using them. I am truly interested in knowing.

Thank You for your time,


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 3, 2010

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