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Heretical Loathing, Progressivist Exasperation

Hypocrites! Be Ecumenical

Hate Mail

I write to express my anger at your attitude towards other Christians. You are asking all Catholics to treat them as inferiors and not worthy of any courtesy. This type of behavior is little better than racism. Your attitude towards colored people is also negative.

I hope you repent of your hypocrisy and come to the true message Christ as set out in St Paul's letter to the Galatians "There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus".

And I have taken this from the King James Bible. Or do you regard that as a sin?

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Protestants Are Good, Saints Bad

Hate Mail
Dear Sir or Madam,

I have been reading your articles on civility. I have a question: What do you recommend for a person so incurably awkward and self-conscious that he is unable to do even the most basic things in life? (The attic?) Also, how can a poorly reared man go about improving his posture and carriage?

I want to make a general comment about your website. You may ignore this part of the email; my hope is that you will answer my questions above. It seems to me Catholic Christians could learn a lot from Protestant Christians in many ways, including: preaching, mission, and a spirituality centered on Christ and the Bible.

My life of religion improved greatly when I put aside the "science of the saints" (though not, of course, their development of doctrine) and stopped trying to be a "saint." It is better to aim at being a good, humble Christian brother or sister, as the Protestants do (who are not oppressed by the saints).

I know of several incidents which suggest that certain Catholic saints were not really very good. To my mind, there is no difference between reading the spirituality of St. so-and-so (whose spirituality may or may not be good) and the spirituality of C. S. Lewis or any other brother gone before.


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Heretical Blah-Blah-Blah

Hate Mail

It's very sad that your article about Protestants and Christianity is so misguided and unfactual to the truth of the Bible. Whoever wrote the article sure had a habit of quoting Popes and Catholic doctrine, which aren't in the Bible.

Could you please direct me to passages of the Bible that teach that you are to elevate Mary to Jesus deity?, as Catholics do. Where it states in the Bible about purgatory, and the abomination of collecting monies at masses for shere profit? Where it states in the Bible that priests shouldn't marry, but are free to molest countless thousands of children throughout the ages? and have the Catholic Church protect them, that makes the church an accessory to a crime.

I would be very careful about quoting the New Testament in reference to false teachings, Catholic doctrine is filled with heretical teachings. I haven't come across one Catholic that can give me an adamant answer to where they're going when they die. If you don't know if you're going to Heaven or not, at this point you're not. Christ guarantees that you can be assured of salvation. Catholics are taught to read the Bible, but not to understand it. Please inform me where I can find a Catholic Church that has the Holy Spirit in it?

In closing, why would anyone be affiliated with a religion (man's attempt at reaching God through works), or to be associated with a church that is laced with pedophiles in it? If I have a choice between a winning or losing sports team, I'm gonna join the winners side. Please examine and question your religion and doctrine with the truths of the Bible, and the scales will be removed from your eyes.

     In Christ,

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You Are Protestants

Hate Mail

What extraordinary anti-Catholic Protestant nonsense your website proclaims!

Let's hope you're simply ignorant Protestants and not demonic!! I invite you to submit to the will of God.

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You Are Ignorant

Hate Mail

[Regarding the Nude statue of Our Lady...]

If you want to know what is wrong with the Catholic Church in our time, look no further than your paranoia and frankly... your willful ignorance.

I am a catholic... your view of the sacred nature of the human form and the role that natural process play in our divine dance are totally out of step with the state of knowledge in our world today.

Your anti-intellectual stance betrays your ignorance. Charles Dickens warned of two dangers to humanity in his 'Christmas Carol.' One was 'poverty,' the other was 'ignorance.' Of the two, 'ignorance' was the one to be most feared because it is largely responsible for the other. You can find quotes to support this in the bible too... if you look hard enough...

I know you will shrug this off as a crank email... but you and traditionalist (read... less well informed...) Catholics like you should know that the more 'sane' and better 'informed' among the body of christ have grown tired or your posturing and divisive rhetoric...


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Bleeding Eyes

Hate Mail

This is not meant to be offensive at all, but please change the background to your website.

It is actually terrible. It makes my eyes want to bleed while staring anywhere on or around my screen. In fact I am not quite sure how it relates to your site. I am guessing it has something to do with your website content, but still. Please change it.

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Devilish Eyes

Hate Mail
Your article A Pope with devilish eyes is appalling. You obviously do not know the medical reason for the blue color around the pontiff's eyes. This is related to sleep apnoea [sic], a not uncommon problem in the elderly.

If you mock someone for something like that, you are even worse than I thought. Have you ever heard of the maxim "never judge a book by its' cover?"

Withdraw this disgraceful article at once. In any other circumstances you would be sued for libel.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 8, 2010

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