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Beato Hallucination,
Wiccan & Hindu Resentment

Pietist Frenzy

Hate Mail
Dear TIA,

Your all bigots and hypocrites! You only uphold Church doctrine which is according to your caprices, yet you avoid other doctrine which you do not like! Why will you not ACCEPT the fact that the false Judeo-Masonic church of satan run by the anti-papal bastard of Ben the Rat, cannot be restored? The false church cannot fix or resotre things because it has no power given by the Blessed Virgin, Mediatrix of all graces?

Speaking of the Blessed Virgin, why do you not try to discover the reasons why this novus ordo church is false? Why not give yourself up to the spirit of Mary so that She may guide you to everlasting salvation? Your hypocrital enough to say that you love the Blessed Virgin, yet at the same time, you pierce Her Heart by disobeing Her. You want to reform others without reforming yourselves, because you do not know how to even reform things. Charlatans! You have no work to do so you just spend your time pretending to restopre tradition inside a false, satanic protestanized church!

By the way, the third secret you posted is entirely false as it does not include the line the the dogma of the faith will be preserved etc...

Face it, your website is nothing but a piece of impure doctrinal rubbish. YOu are laicists my friend, laicists! And I am not even a sedevacantist, nor a conclavist.

This letter may have been a bit harsh, but hey, and this is the first time I said hey in a letter, are you not a little bit too harsh too? It is foolish to joke, to laugh like an idiot, it is even foolish to have too much compassion.

THERE IS A DIFFIRENCE between the false compassion Siant Catherine of Siena is alluding too, and the true compassion one should ALWAYS have. For false compassion presupposes weakness or perfidous excuses(for example, if you see a soldier mercilessly killing his little boy, don't say that he is punishing him by justice; don't call a conceited and showy person frank and pure and simple; neither call lavish and impure hugs and kisses, harmless familiarities) That is false compassion. Weakness consists in fleeing the battle or, instead of fleeing, you go into the field of battle but you hide, like you loathesome laicists are doing!

For if a child were to see that he is getting too strict an education, or that his parents are a bit too harsh, he would become like how that poor sap of a Luther became: For a chestnut, my mother beat me until the blood flowed.

Yet you may listen or you may not. It is up to you. You may thrown this letter in the bin, what diffirence will it do to you. You will probably pretend to not listen to it for love of the Blessed Virgin, or you may continue with your charades. It is up to you...


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Wiccan Protest

Hate Mail

I was just reading your article on Secret Spells Barbie, and I have something I want to say to you.

It is people like you who breed intolerance and contempt in the world based on religious views. I am a practicing Wiccan, and I am extremely offended by the way you spoke of us in your article. Paganism and the earth religions existed long before Christianity or Catholicism, and they stole our sacred days and covered them up with a Christian veil.

More people have died in the name of your "God" than for any other reason. If you think that all spirits are "Devils", then you must be miserable human beings, for the spirit is all essence of a living thing. Do your research before you start telling people lies about us? Christianity and Catholicism are honestly the most arrogant religions I know of. I work in a bookstore, and the only rude people I get in here are the ones who want to buy bibles or Christian/Catholic books (but not all of them, which gives me hope). If you put a Christian bible out in the wind and rain, the pages disintigrate and the words disappear. Our bible IS the wind and rain.

I don't know what it is about you people that allow you to be happy living in a constant state of hate for everything different than you, but I can only hope that someday you will pull your heads out of your …. [bad word] and learn to SEE, with truth and clarity.

You are free to practice however you like, for that is one of our beliefs, to accept the spiritual practices of others, but it is extremely offensive to see you portraying us and our religion as "evil and bad" when, in reality, you know nothing about us.

I say, let children grow up and choose their own path of faith. When I have a child, I am not going to pressure them to be a Wiccan, I am going to let them choose what they want to do with their own spirituality.

Oh, and speaking of children, your Pope protects his priests that molest thousands of young boys. Where is the true "evil"?

     Have a nice day.

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Hindu Inanity

Hate Mail

I stumbled upon your articles, "pagans in the church" etc. and read your outrage at such things as allowing "heathens" to pray in your church, etc. and I have to say that I am shocked at your own lack of willingness to take responsibility for your own shameful acts- and acts that you committed in the name of the Loerd!!!

Your church is SUCH an ugly hotbed of child molestation, of horrendous cover-ups- and instead of removing priests from serving you simply transferred them to new parishes so they could continue to rape children - and worse than that, you NEVER took responsibility for the horrors your perverted priest foisted upon god's innocents.

They trusted you to lead them to god- the very men they looked up to Forcing them into anal and oral sex in the holy name of Jesus. "Why do you look at the speck in your brother's eye when there is a log in your own?" I think the catholic church has shown itself to be one of the most evil institutions on the planet- on a par with nazi germany- the holocaust of rape!!! NO ONE has committed the sickening sins you have- and yet you are STILL so self-righteous. And you condemn the Dalai Lama? Your obliviousness would be comical were it not such a STUMBLINGBLOCK.

BETTER A MILLSTONE BE HUNG AROUND YOUR NECK AND YOU BE CAST INTO THE SEA! do you have any idea just what fecal matter you have turned the gospel into with your perversions, and your refusal to stop them? your actions have turned millions away from the church and the gospel. how dare you!!!

You are the pharisees of the 21st century. So- you can write this off as some kind of "hate" against the church and thank yourself that you are not like those "sinners", but judgement awaits your sickening hypocrisy- and surely it WILL come.

The horrors you visited upon these children will return upon your own head tenfold, maybe a hundredfold, while you condemn the rest of the world that doesn't see through your sham.

And go along with your charade of righteousness. You have made god's truth completely unpalatable, and yet in every article i read you condemn others for things that are SO minor in comparison to your own heartless actions toward children.

     The blind leading the blind....


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 18, 2010

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