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Furious Progressivists

There are indications that the following e-mails were possibly issued from the same seminary by students writing frequently with the same pseudonym. TIA


Hate Mail
Your criticisms of John Paul II for attending a concert given by the Red Army Ensemble are a feeble attempt to demonise him by association. Just as McCarthyism did in the 1950's in the USA, you are using the same tactics to besmirch an honorable man, with nothing more than bile and a mean-spirited attitude.

One can appreciate music, art, literature of all types, and this does not make anyone bad. Does attending a performance of Shakespeare's "Macbeth" damn that person as a supporter of murder? What about the Old Testament? There are some appalling passages there (cf Lot's daughters offered to the mob to be gang-raped; God supporting genocide when he tells the children of Israel to kill everyone they find in the lands they are due to occupy - does that make Christians mass-murderers and complicit with gang rape?

I could go on like this, but the sooner you realise the error of your ways, the better.

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Working for Imperialism

Hate Mail
"I am transported to the glorious times of the First Crusade, to that age when men lived the Faith and were concerned above all with making the world an image of God and Paradise. In this spirit the cathedrals, hospitals, universities, castles, and social relations were established. This love for God, which wanted everything to be made in His image and give Him glory, had a consequence. The medieval man thought that God should also be glorified in the Holy Land".

Rubbish. The cathedrals, hospitals, universities, castles you refer to were built to glorify the men who financed them, who wanted to buy their way out of purgatory by expiating their sins while alive.

And as for the Crusades, they were nothing but the first exercises in western imperialism. How do you think they were financed? By money falling out of the sky?

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Sanctimonious Hypocrites

Hate Mail
Your commentry on this picture reveals more about you than about the young women in question. Your remark about the "dresses becoming transparent under the strong lights" suggests that you are nothing more than voyeurs who get some form of perverse satisfaction in pointing out the sins of others while you cannot even see the mote in your own eyes. In other words, you are a bunch of sanctimonious hypocrites.

You will never become the mainstream because there are too many people of differing opinions and faiths in the world.

You are narrow-minded, censorious, and mean-spirited towards other people. I would pity you if you could see the error of your ways, but since you are living within the confines of an exclusive universe, and cannot even appreciate a differing point of view, there is no possibility of making you understand.

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You Have Persecution Complex

Hate Mail
I wish to complain about the final part of Dr. Horvat's article titled Let None Dare Call it Liberty. It is mean-minded, paranoid and a sad use of the intellectual gifts that Dr Horvat possesses.

Instead of praising the way in which the Catholics of the USA came to an accommodation with their Protestant countrymen after the Revolutionary period, Dr. Hovat carps about how they did not condemn the "heresies" of their Protestant neighbours.

One should make the point that one does not make peace with one's friends, one makes it with one's enemies, and hopefully one day, those enemies might even be one's friends.

The rest of the article is a litany of historical persecution of Catholics. Get over it. This occurred over 200 years ago. If religious liberty is to be one of the defining features of the USA, tolerance should accompany it.

Dr. Horvat seems to be suffering from a persecution complex which is entirely imaginary. She should be grateful that she can practice her religion freely and without hindrance. Ever heard of the saying "Live and let live"?

I don't suppose you will even publish this email on your website - publish it if you dare!


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Hate Mail
Your article "Women in Sports: Natural and Unnatural Challenges to Purity" is nothing more than a case of voyeurism. You condemn women for wearing sports clothing, yet you seem to take a perverse pleasure in ranting on about it at lenght.

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Crazy & Stupid

Hate Mail
"Follow the example of Prince Frederik of Denmark, who is doing precisely this - picking up the handkerchief of his wife, Princess Mary."

First of all how do you know that he does it all the time?

Ohh wait, I know must be because he is royaltiy and you loone tunes traditionalist or ultra traditionalist believe in Royalty. Right.

Elaine I believe in manners and I practice manners but I will not immitate any prince.

I believe you should be put in a restraint jacket, and lock away somewhere and top of that throw the key away into the ocean so nobody can find it.

You are CRAZY.

Some of your articles are really STUPID. You are laughable, really.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted April 6, 2010

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