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The Fury of a Michael Jackson Fan

You Are Hypocrites, Idiots, Stupid & Sickening

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I am writing this text in order to comment on your article about Michael Jackson, in this text I will show you yours intendeds’ mistakes and equivocations.

As you could see I am a Michael Jackson’s fan and with proud and if knowing that and you stop reading here you are just an hypocrite.

Starting in the next paragraph I will comment each of yours paragraph and arguments.

Your first paragraph shows how prejudice you are and how little you know about Michael. Is the humanity corrupt and dying just because they honor someone memory? Come on this is such idiot your argument. Why androgynous? He has three little children, if it is been androgynous I do not know more what androgynous is. And yours lasts words in this paragraph shows that you only read tabloids (that always lie).

I do not see any metamorphosed that you talk about in the second paragraph, he had plastic surgery but he was not the first nor the last to make a plastic surgery and he do not became anything that you said. He was black and proud of that, he had vitiligo and do not choose that, you need to research more about what you are going to write about. Oh, and he never used drugs.

What do you have against his dance? It was not anything obscene. He explained it once in the Oprah’s interview. And one more thing he is the King of Rock, Pop and Soul. And I do not understand what you have against the rock, just because it makes the teen’s thing alone?

Yes he was a little extravagant but he is not the only one. But monstrous? You really need glasses. I do not believe in this pharmacy nor the debt, but anyway he donated more than 300 million of dollars to charity and you properly forgot to mention that. You sad well accusations nothing was proffer, He was innocent. And his children are his children and they need respect, and respect with his father’s memory principal and one last information, they do not live in Neverland since 2003.

“He was child with the worst adult vices”. Oh come on. Do you know what you write here? This totally stupid. He was a child that loves dance, sing and that just want to be a child. Occult? You really do not know anything about him. You and this Jan do not made a good research.

Know I will try to be the most polite that my feeing permit me to be. Do you really think that God (if there is a one) would not permit Michael make his turne just because of the date? Come on, again this is such a idiot thought. He always believe in God and respect everyone religions. Close friends that none knows who are. And just because someone is famous or had a fortune they necessarily made a pact with the Devil? Another stupid thought.

What is the problem with the newspaper of the Holy See talk say a good thing about Michael? The only thing sickening here is you who do not know respect the others. Good Catholics do not have prejudice as you, so do not compare you with then. Why rock should be considered a bad thing? Because make the youth think alone? This is very good they analyze what read and thing not been only a lamb.

HE HAD VITILIGO!!!!! Is this difficult to understand!? A disease that he does not choose to have! Respect that!

Thriller the best selling album of all time, the music with the same name, one of his best. The trailer has nothing with Jesus and his resurrections are just some zombies as the name says is a Thriller an horror mini-film. And everything that happens has not necessarily something with the church; there is another world beyond its walls. And I have no information that the Jehovah Witnesses threw him out of their sect at that time. See the clip (that is one of his bests and in the beginning he put a message that just idiots do not understand).

HE IS INOCENT. How many times I have to shout this? There was no proof against him, and Chandler admitted recently that he lied, but you again properly forgot this. What others catholic? The prejudice’s ones like you? I thought that it was a sing, isn’t it?

What is the problem with the opinions on the Vatican’s newspaper? They have opinion like anyone else. And what do you have against The Beatles or John Lennon? They are examples. It shows that you never listen to a music of them. This is a part of Imagine of John Lennon, read it and them say what it has of Satanism.

“Imagine there's no heaven / It's easy if you try / No hell below us / Above us only sky" [follows the whole lyrics].

It is just a peace massage and there is nothing of Satanism is that.

And Obama he is an example of person and that if we fight for our dream it can come true.

You just disagree with the newspaper; they do not have to thing as you! And just to finish I will show you which kind of man Michael Jackson is and just with a lyric.

Heal the World: “Think about the generations and to say we want to make it a better world for our children and our children's children. So that they know it's a better world for them; and think if they can make it a better place" [follows the whole lyrics].

He only wants to help the world principally the children because they are the future. The World do not deserved Michael Jackson, he was too much good for this world and this world that he always loved and believed in, the biggest part of it just step him, but even so he stills believed in it. He is an example to be fowled.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 1, 2009

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