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Furious Protestants & Sede-Vacantists

The Rosary Is Not Biblical

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Why has not the Catholic Church ever said through any Pope that I know of that they were sorry for the torturing and burning of Protestant believers?

Why do you follow a believe system that is based on the traditions of men, like Hail Mary rosary beads and such, when there is no biblical evidence of there use

To think that our loving and gentle Lord and Savior Jesus would ever condone your torturing people is an experiment with madness and totally insane.

Repent and become a true Born again Christian while you still have time.

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Worse than Protestants

Hate Mail
You continue to misinform. Steve Kelly, a pseudo-Jesuit priest, is shown mocking the Mass with his goofy service in someone's home. He is not offering the Mass. He is not a Catholic. The true Catholic Church is not progressive. What part of "Rome will lose the Faith and become the seat of anti-Christ" do you not understand?

This unfortunate man, and the befuddled lost souls in his presence, have no clue as to what the true Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is. The Novus Ordo is not the Mass. Quo Primum contained an infallible proclamation concerning the celebration of the Mass. Even were Jesus Christ to appear in St. Peter's in Rome in all His divine glory, He could not undo Quo Primum. For Him to do so would be a contradiction of what the Holy Ghost proclaimed through Pope St. Pius V. God cannot contradict Himself. Truth is immutable.

Stop dignifying what these pseudo or fallen priests are performing by calling it the Mass. Your reputation is soiled when you disseminate reports and photos of aberrations of purported Catholic worship. These wolves and jackals are worse than Protestants and your website is apparently infected by their influence. Take a stand for the Truth and quit straddling the fence. The eternal life or death of immortal souls is at stake; nothing less.

Be completely Catholic all the time and to all people. Otherwise, stop using the Tradition banner, because your true intentions will be more than suspect.

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“Catholism” Is Bad

Hate Mail
Came across your online page on How to address Priests and Religious: Titles and Signs of Respect.

I was disgusted to say the least, on reading your advice on how to address Protestant clergy and Jewish rabbis.' I noticed there was nothing about how to address Muslim preachers. Were you too afraid to put them in the same category as Protestants and Jews, so decided better not to mention them at all?

If Jesus were alive today He would condemn Catholism and Christianity, as his teachings have been hijacked and disgraced. When I learned the history of Catholism I left the faith as I couldn't practice a religion with such a disreputable history, not to mention the sexual and physical abuse of children all over the world.

All religions are a curse on humanity. They (religions) were used and still are to keep the masses ignorant and subservient to a power-hungry clergy.

Respect has to be earned, even by the Catholic clergy. After all, they are merely men!


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Pius XII Was Excommunicated

Hate Mail
Response to Previews of the New Papacy.

Anti-Pope John Paul II was excommunicated! If you support and believe that he is the Pope, then it is known that you do not understand the Catholic Faith!

1917 Catholic Canon Law and Infallible Bull and Encyc. state that a catholic who teaches the heresies that JP II makes is excommunicated and a warlock! If you are still holding on to any heresy you will have no Hope of salvation at Judgment Day. The Mass was taken away, besides one must hold the Faith in totem before ever attending a Mass. The V2 does exactly what the Luthers do, and that is they have a meal or snack! Christ is NOT present in nor at these evil happenings. The only person that is in Holy Mother Church is one who obeys Her commandments!

Abjure your heresy and denounce the last 5 Anti-Christ poser Popes and come back to the One Holy Apostolic Roman Catholic Church. Pope Pius XII was excommunicated and fell for teaching Natural Family Planning-birth control. Anti-Pope John XXIII was an "occult heretic" and God made him known publicly as excommunicated and a heretic.

Any Catholic who supports Vatican 2 is liberal and thinks for his own good as in human rights is in schism and is a heretic. Anti-Pope Paul VI was an evil heretic and a placater to Protestants and Apostate Jews-Excommunicated!

This is my belief and not theory, it is the Law of Holy Mother Church. In the 1800's, America had many priests and Bishops excommunicated for teaching heresy. Father Muller in 1888 uncovered them. The Jesuits were infiltrated and fell into apostasy. All that I have written is fact, with a complete recorded historical record.

Come out in front of God and renounce these Heretics for who they are or you are condemned! Is it the money, the fame that tempts you?


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 10, 2007

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